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    My C5 RS6 Daytona Avant

    brilliant thread
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    Quick one

    and a cheeky front splitter, looks smart
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    Anyone running 20" alloys on their A6 ??

    wheels i've bought are e8jx20h2 et25 i've had a check and if i put 30's on the rolling circumference is the same as my standard 19's with 35' on. was hoping to put 35's on the 20" - the 45's currently on deffo are too big to fit under the c6 a6 arches i know the speedo will be slightly out...
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    Anyone running 20" alloys on their A6 ??

    WesT - the ones i bought are off a later A6 Avant with 45's on but the wheel arch must be a lot bigger - i put them to the side of mine and looked massive in comparison, was hoping 35's would be ok
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    A6 Number Plate Lights

    both the same ? there is no front or back ?
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    Anyone running 20" alloys on their A6 ??

    Thanks for your input, not really answered my question though
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    Anyone running 20" alloys on their A6 ??

    i'm 6'5" tall, bigger is better ha ha not saying its better, i prefer the look of the bigger wheels, each to their own mate
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    Anyone running 20" alloys on their A6 ??

    :icon thumright: thanks for the reply i don't want them to look lost if i put 30's on if 35 will fit under the arches
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    At last, some descent power.

    thats a big power hike :thumbs up:
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    Anyone running 20" alloys on their A6 ??

    hi, i drive a 2010 a6 le mans with the standard 19" twin spoke alloys and 255 x 35 x 19 tyres i've bought a set of 20" alloys - tyres are currently 245 x 45 x 20 and a lot bigger in circumference when i stand them next to my standard ones. What tyre sizes are you running on 20" alloys ...
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    A6 Number Plate Lights

    one of my rear bulbs went - they are led one (2010 plate) bought one from the local spares shop but doesn't work either ?? thought i may have to try the audi ones
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    Attempted Car Jacking!

    Was talking with my mate yesterday who has a modded Impreza Sti, same thing used to happen to Subaru drivers, now too old for the scum bags who prefer the fast Audi’s. Stay safe mate
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    Charlie's Neverending RS4 Project

    car looks mint, do you get swirl marks on a wrap like normal paint? and can you buff it out?
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    A6 Le Mans 2.0 TDI S Line for Sale

    just listed my car for sale or possible swap any interest let me know. Cheers! steven
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    Sat Nav A6 le mans

    mine is working as normal, i listen to the local station rock fm in lancashire so covers all my journey to work, which can be a right pain for a 28 mile journey each way.
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    Looking to buy a diesel a6 avant c6

    mine is a 2010 2.0 TDI s line le mans, saloon model - i'm 6'5" tall and theres loads of room. i do around 70 miles per day commuting and returns 47mpg sat around 70 - 75 on motorway. Boot is mahoosive - i have to stretch right in to reach the back - and seats fold down - could be an option than...
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    Sat Nav A6 le mans

    As if by magic was showing slow traffic as before ?
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    Sat Nav A6 le mans

    2010 a6 le mans - mmi system - presumed it was standard ? helps me on my 35 mile commute as to coming off the junction before like i mentioned seemed to have stopped last week or so?