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    some RNS-E questions

    1) The MkII could be fitted with AMI, which for other meida playback, is much better. Mk II recalculates routes much faster. It could be an issue when you miss a turn and you need the next alternate turn right away. Mk II has a little sphere around the vehicle's location so you could know the...
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    Sportback Rear LED's

    i remember the lights working properly as soon as they were plugged in, with no coding. The coding only turns off the inner light and use it for braking only, out light LED brightness, use of don't use inner light for fog light, etc. LEDs aren't light light bulbs, they don't easily break. The...
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    Sportback Rear LED's

    maybe you can unplug the dongle and double check the way the wires run from one plug to the other, that they are in fact a mirror image of one another.
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    DSG question

    Is there a lock that prevents you from shifting from D to R while the foot is not on the brakes? Anyone try that yet?
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    DSG question

    Isn't that click is to disengage the transmission lock? where once you have your foot on the brakes, you are able to shift from D to R. On a flat road and the car on D, when taking your feet off the brakes, you would feel a small jolt, as if the clutch suddenly engaged. This would make you...
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    Interesting Mod.....

    travelers got to travel.
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    DSG gear knob swap?

    Many people in the colony tried the heat and twist approach, but ended up breaking the shaft, thus they had to resort to drilling a small hole in the shafts as a guide hole and put a small headless screw to hold the 2 broken pieces together. The suggestion to cut the shaft and put it back in...
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    how do get an s3 off the line as quickly as possible?

    The controller definitely helps since it was reprogrammed to clamp down harder on the clutchpack. I just wish the aftermarket guys found a better way to change to different modes besides having to buy the switch, which cannot be installed anywhere cleanly. It should have been made accessible...
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    how do get an s3 off the line as quickly as possible?

    The Haldex Gen IV, with its seperate feeder pump, has the ability to lock the clutch for take off, thus no wheelspin
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    RNSE screen protection film review

    you should have cut it in half and installed only on half of the screen so we can see a before/after from the same shot. Maybe when you decide to remove it, just remove half of it so we can finally see the actual difference.
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    ESP - off or on? that is the question!

    I don't think Audi recommends turning it off in the snow, maybe to get the car out when it is stuck in snow since ESP would just cut the throttle instead of the wheels spinning and digging the car out. But I generally leave it on unless I want to really go all out. With quattro on my 3.2, the...
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    works or not, but if fuel saving does not sell cars, then they won't put 5 pence of R&D into it. Its like the safety features, earlier on, selling safety implies your car was dangerous in the first place, so tell the gubmint to not legislate any safety requirements....that was until some mfg...
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    that's bcuz it is such a easy way to improve fuel economy, if one mfg implements it to get an upper leg, then everybody will do it, and they all end up in square one. They got to keep arsenals like this in their pocket (along with 100psi tires) so that when they are forced to increase fuel...
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    RNSE Problems.

    a burned DVD is darker than a original DVD, thus will be harder to read. Also, alot of other factors like DVD format, brand of DVD+R, etc, all add up to as variables that, if your RNS-E can't read it, doesn't prove anything. But then if it does read the DVD, then you could be in luck. But the...
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    Freak Accident

    Its as if I am back in the newsgroup days with just text going back and forth. Where's the pix?
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    RNS-E Retrofit Installation

    ******. Maybe it was bcuz my car was coded for Symphony II and then added the RNS-E? Maybe if I change it back to Symphony II, let whatever brain inside the car re-remember what it use to do, then switch back to the RNS-E, the brain might forget to undo its screwup.
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    RNS-E Retrofit Installation

    Ha, as I have been saying in the states all along. I had radio info on my DIS with RNS-E until I brought the car to the dealer for maint and it disappeared when I got it back. Everybody in the dealership thought I was on drugs, same in the stateside forums.
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    Audi Speedlines

    They are also made by BBS.
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    Fifth gear i still want a RS3

    I guess they didn't test the RS3 with the optional 255 front tires....all that talking about understeer.
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    ESP... Why would I ever turn it off?

    Depends if you have FWD or quattro. Turning it off on FWD will just result in alot of plowing. Turning it off on a quattro will allow all both axles to spin, resulting in 4 wheel drifting. To bad you can't turn off ESP w/o turning off traction control, since the inner wheel will frequently...