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    S3 Seat Airbag wiring colours

    Does anyone know the colors for the air bag in the seat to resistor it out? Mine for some odd reason has decided not to play the game. Clearing the code didn't do a lot and it came back on. The connectors are fine and ive traced the wiring back as far as I can and its intact. So does...
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    Bringing the S3 back from the dead. Advice needed!

    Air tools help. Having done the job 3 times helps too. Im used to working on beam line reactors and fusion torus' cars are childs play.
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    Bringing the S3 back from the dead. Advice needed!

    Well given my mrs is from Kenya i guess so.
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    Bringing the S3 back from the dead. Advice needed!

    Tell him to get felt! Its a 3 hour job. That's on a concrete drive not with the benefit of a 2 post lift and relevant lifting devices. Just one idiot and a couple of jacks.
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    Carbon canister or no carbon canister

    For such a simple job id remove it for the sake of unnecessary weight.
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    S3 Door subframe adjustment.

    Swapped some mirrors over today. Only way I could work out how to get it to sit in the rubbers correctly was to remove the inner sub frame and drop it all in together. Now my door cards have some awful fitment. Although I marked the position of the inner frame I think this is where the problem...
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    fresh paint door blade also done in gloss black :)

    Pre facelift. Post face lift had them i think. Well my pre and post were like that. I'm committing sacrilege and putting pre facelift on post facelift.
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    Reoccuring 17748 - mapping tomorrow morning - FML

    Wiring to a sensor perhaps?
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    S3 210bhp very flat until 5k rpm

    Buy some heat shrink too. Don't use electrical tape. Its **** in every way.
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    Boost Issues. Help please

    If you have intermittent boost I would be checking the line from the actuator to the n75 valve. Its an easy hose to twist and would provide the issues you have currently.
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    Interior door handle woes

    Just a thought. Has the door dropped and the hinges have just worn out. Take a look at the catch in the pillar and see if it has signs of wear.
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    Lost some boost. Ideas?

    Check your vac/pressure lines to the N75.
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    inters 1/4 mile times

    Full weight. A set of R888`s and stepping off the clutch at 5000rpm. 800mbar of boost on launch control certainly helps. I don't care about breaking things, that goes a long way to producing a decent time. Still want to see if I can get it to beat what my old skyline used to do on the 1/4. 11.1...
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    inters 1/4 mile times

    I didn't do inters but I have done a few runs in my car. BBT K418T Relentless V3 Manifold 3 Inch down pipe Decat 2.5 Inch exhaust Phenolic inlet spacer Pre throttle water/methanol injection Post throttle methanol injection IE Ultimate High flow head kit (But running on standard cams) Large...
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    Amateur tweak/mod thread

    Buy another parcel shelf....and throw those 6x9`s in the bin. Put a 4 channel amp in the back and run wires through to your speakers in the front. Swap the door speakers for a decent set of second hand door speakers mounted on mdf rings and get some sound deadening. Apply this to the inside of...
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    Stage 2+ S3 thats started in tragedy

    More calibration resolution, 8 injectors and staged injection en route.
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    Triple QX oil, thoughts?!

    For the sake of something you change 3 times a year why not spend the extra 20 quid for the decent quality stuff. How many of us waste £60 quid a more on takeaways we probably don't need? We spend a lot of time in our cars. Its worth paying the extra at times.
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    Triple QX oil, thoughts?!

    Stop messing around with crappy cheap oils. Get something decent in there.
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    Fuse haemorrhage with interesting side effects

    I might have an S3 one knocking about. If I do. Meet me at the services where the m4 meets the a34 at Chieveley and grab it. Wont cost you a penny buddy.
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    Audi A3 1.6l 2003 - Possible upgrades/Modifications

    I think you would be best off selling the car and getting a 1.8t as your starting base. However being other that sensible there is nothing too bad. Although rather then upgrade unless you can find good second hand bits id be looking at replacement new items. So new shocks if you cant find...