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    Replacing O ring on temp sender housing??

    Hi all, My A4 DTM is leaking coolant from the temperature sender housing on the rear of the cylinder head. Is there an simple way of getting to this, to replace the seal. I cant find anything on Elsawin for the removal of the housing itself? Anyone experienced this problem before?? Mat
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    Luggage Net Fixing Hooks......

    They're not black, they're all chrome! Poor pic! They come in all chrome or chrome rings with a black surround. The hooks flip down from the top of the boot compartment near the speakers.
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    Luggage Net Fixing Hooks......

    I've got a set of RS4 ones on ebay at the minute. You'll also want the hooks that flip down.
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    any 2.0T DTM owners?

    You've just answered your own question! IMO, they look a lot better than the S-Line, but I suppose its down to personal preference, and there are only 250 in the UK.
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    any 2.0T DTM owners?

    Yes, i've got one!
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    The original post is over 4 years old!!!!!!! :uhm:
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    DTM or 2.0T FSi Special Edition

    There isn't any fog lights behind the grilles! Just for air flow to intercoolers.
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    RS4 front bumper onto a S line

    If you want the oem look, why not get a DTM bumper. Closest you'll get to the RS look.
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    A4 DTM quattro ...

    It's the closest i can get to an RS4 in terms of looks!! The Recaro's are very comfortable, i must say. Like was said earlier, they do appear to hold their value better which will be handy, as i'll be paying for it for a while yet!!!
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    A4 DTM quattro ...

    I've got one! Lovely car, always getting admiring looks and comments. :greyrs4:
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    DTM e-brake handle?

    Just the one, wont need the airbag. I haven't got a multi function one at present, would this fit straight on? Actually, i could do with a new gear knob too!
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    DTM e-brake handle?

    How much you want for steering wheels?
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    DTM or 2.0T FSi Special Edition

    I have a DTM, in Silver. It stands out from the 2.0T FSI a lot more, and the Recaro interor is quality. If you put the two next to each other, you'll pick the DTM, for the sheer looks alone. There are only 250 in the Uk too! Perhaps i'm a bit biased!!:thumbsup:
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    RS4 Mirrors

    Looks good! Isn't it Suzuka Grey, not Suzuki?:uhm:
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    Yes, you would need to do some modification to get a genuine RS4 bumper to fit, due to the flared arches, i'm sure you could get a replica that would fit perfectly. How about trying the DTM front bumper, its probably the closest looking bumper if you're after genuine. Check out the pics of mine...
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    climate control issues following recharge

    On my B7, it goes down to 16c, it was 18c on my B6. Is this something that could be programmed in or is it a different unit?? Could help.?
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    Post pics of your B7 A4/S4!

    A few pics of my new DTM... :icon_thumright: :greyrs4:
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    S-Line/S4 door flares

    No, the S4 are slightly bigger.
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    Chrome Mirrors

    Here's mine, Genuine Audi S4 ones, I got them from a German seller on Ebay, paid about £100.
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    Retrofit trip computer

    The Dis has been retro-fitted. Check out Tyresmoke