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    Possibly the battery?!

    Hi all, Had a couple of problems over the last week of the my '04 A3 randomly trying to lock/unlock whilst in motion! This is just one of the issues I've been experiencing (along with being unable to lock via the fob, both windows going down when key is removed from ignition barrel...!). Had...
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    SatNav fitment

    Hi all, Does anyone know if a Rs4 Navigation system plus RNS-E (part #: 8E0 035 192 Q) will fit into an A3 dash)? Presumably the standard A3 wiring loom includes connections for sat nav, but is it the same unit for A4 aswell? Cheers, Matt
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    Audi-Sport road trip?

    I'd be up for this. Coming from Cornwall so a fair trek up for me but dont like a car to only be used for A-B, a car is meant to be driven! :) Let me know dates, routes you've got in mind etc :)
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    Engine issues

    Hi all, My engine sounds a bit like it is missing when idling and you can feel that it is lumpy (great terminology I know :rockwoot:!) I have asked a local garage to investigate but they are struggling to pinpoint the problem. Have plugged the car into diagnostic equipment and all comes up...
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    Cornwall Members

    Hi all, Very keen to meet other members located in the South West region, however I have attempted to arrange meets before with no interest. So I've decided to ask you what you would like to do. I'm happy to arrange it, but would like to know what people want to do. Any ideas? All are...
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    Chop Shop - Post your chopped cars here!

    Hi all, Really like other people's work on here, some of them are sweet as!! Here's a couple I did many years ago... Hope you like! Lupo C2 More recently... Ducati 1198S Cheers all, Matt
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    Cornwall/Devon Meet

    Hi all, Looking at another pub meet if anyone is interested. Location: The Bottleneck Inn, Sourton Down, Okehampton, EX20 4HT Date: Sunday 22nd November Time: 19:30 Please come! Hopefully it will be a good evening and a perfect opportunity to meet other members If anyone wants to get hold...
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    South West Motor Show June 09

    I'm up for that! Not sure who needs to get in contact though! Maybe a site admin?
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    Devon car show 26th July @ Smeatharpe stadium nr Honiton

    Are there any plans to go to this? Great chance for members to meet
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    Hi there members in Southwest region

    Hiya m8, No news yet, bin bit busy last couple of weeks to organise something! How far are you willing to travel as there are several members that live further down in Cornwall than me and I live on the Devon/Cornwall border and it takes me a couple of hours!! I'll try to arrange something end...
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    Hi there members in Southwest region

    Hey welcome to the site! Looking to organise a meet during January so hopefully you can meet some members!
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    Hi there members in Southwest region

    Not a problem. Was thinking of organising something between Xmas and New Year, but I can appreciate that money may/will be tight for some. Otherwise try to organise something for late January/early feb. Any feedback greatly appreciated! Cheers, Matt
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    Hi there members in Southwest region

    I'm in Launceston, North Cornwall. I'm also happy to travel reasonable distances! Whereabouts are you based?
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    Hi there members in Southwest region

    Hi all! I'm very keen to organise something if anyone is interested. I have previously organised a pub meet, but that died of death to be honest, so what would people like to do? I'm happy to organise, so ideas are very welcome!! Cheers all, Matt
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    Pub Meet

    CANCELLED due to lack of interest Oh well, always another time...
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    Hey welcome to the club! I only have a lowly tdi compared to you and most people on this site! Enjoy your time here!
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    What do A3 owners do?

    Job Title: IT Technician Company: Launceston College (Cornwall County Council) Responsibilites: Network maintenance - supporting end users (1500+), installing new hardware and software, maintaining hardware (650+ machines). Also support machines/networks in local primary schools
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    Pub Meet

    No takers?
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    Upgrading to Vista from XP

    Personally i wouldnt upgrade to vista, but if you do decide to do it then no you won't lose anything
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    Hiya, welcome to the site!