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    Any PS3 Gurus?!

    its do able with googles help but beware getting kicked off playstation network, for good.
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    Lap Top Issues... Any ideas ? Please help if you can,

    how old is it. going by the size of C: its a fair age. if you can make recovery disks then its better to get a new hard drive.
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    3D Tv

    Well got my D8000 with a well deserved £300 off. Very nice indeed. l got a monster hdmi hdmi cable with it as well , for free, and decided l would use this with the PS3 and use the old hdmi PS3 cable with sky, which cost £75 then. But so far the tv doesnt like the old one. l switched on the PS3...
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    3D Tv

    and heres me looking at buying a samsung d8000 as well
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    TV signal

    lve been using sky for years now and havent used my ariel signal for as long. l have a Samsung TV that has freeview in it but because of where it is in the room l never hooked it up. lm away to moved the tv upstairs to my 'play' room and replace it with a 8 series. My question is , is there any...
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    Non-touch screen phone.

    l have a BB Pearl. l dont like touch screens or flippies. My wife has a touch one and doesnt know how to make calls.
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    What laptop?

    l have the Samsung R519. Which must be lower spec that the 530. l used to want the high end models but mine fits my needs. Capable at most things although not with high end games. It will play the newer doom however.
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    itv hd

    nevermind. got it working after selecting it in other channels
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    itv hd

    yup, new epg
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    itv hd

    tried to tune in itv hd on sky but having no luvk. l see the channel, 105++or whatever but cant watch it. any hints?
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    IE8 help(it's crap!)

    Wish l could help but havent had the chance to look into this IE8 in detail. l recently installed windows 7 on a works laptop. IE8 just crashes on the laptop and l cant be bothered to look into it, lm using google chrome for now, which is working just fine. l never use IE at home, firefox 3...
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    Converting mkv files to avi

    if l was at home l could have sent you something. ojo software , google that you will find a download site
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    Which Laptop?

    Paul, things have changed over the years. lve had the best at the time. From what youve said you want from it l would say just get a net book, £250 - 350. My wife just wants to surf the net at times so l brought out my all singing all dancing laptop , at the time 2000, and upgraded a few bits.
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    Watching films saved on laptop hard drive on TV?

    lve got a dvd player here that plays everything, almost, and it only cost 30 quid
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    Watching films saved on laptop hard drive on TV?

    Try an archos, you can get a 705 fairly cheap second hand. One of the best bits of kit lve had. l recently upgraded to an archos 7.
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    Outlook Express Problem

    do you have winrar installed, if not go get it. pm me your email.
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    Sky tv help

    At last, my HD box has updated to the new EPG. Time to play.
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    HD TV

    not something lve tried. lve had a potter about and its better. the blank screen when going to hd has basically gone.
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    HD TV

    Spoke with my bro yesterday and asked him to come by and have a look and see if my eyes are deceiving me. Also asked him about the black screen. He seems to have it for a bit but the info bat at the bottom still appears, mines doesnt. Just trying to nail the source to the box as its under a year...