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  1. MELenium

    25% service plan discount

    Audi are now doing a 2021 service plan with 25% off untill the 12th Dec 21
  2. MELenium

    Happy Friday

    Was the damage to the Yaris not a previous accident and they are trying to add it to this one?
  3. MELenium

    AGM Battery charging

    You can get the user manual by going online to and login to your account.
  4. MELenium

    Covid 19 and car sitting idle

    My Ctek mxs 5.0 arrived with the postman this morning for my A1 2019. I connected the positive eyelet to the battery by snipping the eyelet so that I only loosend the nut enough for it to slide on and tighten, then the negative eyelet connected straight onto the Audi designated earth. I cable...
  5. MELenium

    Covid 19 and car sitting idle

    Buy cheap buy twice
  6. MELenium

    Covid 19 and car sitting idle

    I have also ordered the MXS 5.0 for my A1, I would like to connect the supplied m6 eyelet connector but from the manual it shows the negative must be connected to the large nut on the body in the engine compartment which is obviously too big for the m6 eyelet, if I undid this large nut will...
  7. MELenium

    Covid 19 and car sitting idle

    Has anyone tried tyre trainers to protect your tyres when the car sits for many weeks?