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  1. Syvo

    Stiff / broken gearbox?

    True very true. My m8 just paid £750 for clutch and fly for his golf r32.
  2. Syvo

    Stiff / broken gearbox?

    Do you have a 5 or 6 speed box if 6 I am breaking my Audi Quattro which will fit and will sell you clutch fly and box for £300 it has 88k on it but has been working perfect since 60k when I got he car.
  3. Syvo

    rear disc and calliper

    I have a set of rear callipers and discs and pads if u want them will take £100 for the job lot pm me if interested
  4. Syvo

    Quattro Coilovers advice

    I have a set of fk coil overs with shorter drop links and the top mounts are only 12month old. Will take £150 for them carny be any more reasonable price than that m8. There off a a3 Quattro You will need to either collect or arrange courier.
  5. Syvo

    A3 312mm Brake upgrade

    I have a set of callipers with carriers also have hel braided lines, brembo max 312 discs and ds2500 pads all for £120 pm me if ur interested would have to collect or arrange courier
  6. Syvo

    Hi m8 u have asked me how much and for a picture can I ask what for?

    Hi m8 u have asked me how much and for a picture can I ask what for?
  7. Syvo

    A3 1.8t exhaust fit s3?

  8. Syvo

    Where to buy Porsche pads?

    euro car parts
  9. Syvo

    syvo's progress thread

    it is a universal one it has 17mm ends irrc although i do have the 17-19mm silicone hose to make it fit the standard audi pipes probs looking around £20 for the catch can with the silicone pipes to make it fir the audi system, please bear in mind collection in person only.
  10. Syvo

    syvo's progress thread

    hi all please find the links to the parts i have for sale on the car. the car will either be sold as a whole or in bits depends which starts moving first.
  11. Syvo

    syvo's progress thread

    Hi all I couldn't get the pics to load so here is a list off some off the stuff that will be for sale Fmic 3" down pipe for a3 Quattro 2.5" cat back system (pipe werx) will fit s3 and a3 Quattro Tip Forge 007p DV Full leather reactor interior Turbo smart boost gauge with air vent pod Oil catch...
  12. Syvo

    syvo's progress thread

    looking at a bike also as the fiesta diesel wont give me the same buzz as the audi did, done me cbt got theory on the 18th march and probs do direct access in April or may, been looking at a zx6r for a first bike.
  13. Syvo

    syvo's progress thread

    i know cheers dave, i may get another in a couple of years as a track toy as it was great fun to drive and own
  14. Syvo

    syvo's progress thread

    It has been m8 probs gonna get a fiesta 1.6tdci as need something cheap to insure until the claim is sorted and good on fuel the car was finally finished got the stage 2 map on it yours brake pads are still going strong m8 on the car. Would sell as a whole but doubt it would sell well it's been...
  15. Syvo

    syvo's progress thread

    Hi all not been on hear for some time now. Had a muppit crash into the front wing off me car and now the insurance dispute is still going on and carnt afford to insure the car at the moment was looking at selling it this summer but will be breaking the car instead I will upload some pics 2moz of...
  16. Syvo

    Fk Ak street coilover

    ive got them fitted on my A3 and have to say really good quality coil overs for the price
  17. Syvo

    New year new meets!

    haha good place just remember to stop at the pub if nailing it down the twistys so you dont get caught by the average speed cameras.
  18. Syvo

    "Refreshing" my TQS and a big thanks

    carnt let a TQS go to waste there rare as rocking horse .... well u know the rest
  19. Syvo

    New year new meets!

    shall see you there Tay