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  1. PregnantNproud

    Stronic woes

    hi NHN! Have you heard of audis premier repair center in Milton Keynes? Apparantly audi uk refused to take mada3's car there. I find that somewhat audacious considering the problem and its extensive history. I think letting the MK boys have a look may be a good idea. Any thoughts on how to get...
  2. PregnantNproud

    Not a new member, but I disappeared for ages

    Ahh yes, there are not enough pics of your A3 in general! Get em up son! Ive known you so many years and have seen not 1 picture. Yoy make me feel quite vein. Cor I havent been on here in ages. I feel like somewhat of a traitor to the A3 section. I hope the super helpful mattandrew and NHN are...
  3. PregnantNproud

    A3 Owner

  4. PregnantNproud

    A3/S3 Photos Thread

    thanks ash! I kno i feel ive neglected my a3 and this forum! Im lookin forward to the rs too! And the above pic is the ONE
  5. PregnantNproud

    A3/S3 Photos Thread

    If you like.
  6. PregnantNproud

    On the hunt for Suzuka Grey A3

    Hi, i'm the dude selling the suzuka a3/s3 lol. Yeah even I was fooled into thinking glacier was suzuka the other day when I was in an audi dealer. And yeah it is difficult to photograph, especially when your a crap photographer and have a poo phone camera lol
  7. PregnantNproud

    Glacier White or Ibis White?

    Found a pic: I don't remember the difference being this stark although it was an overcast day on the forecourt.
  8. PregnantNproud

    Glacier White or Ibis White?

    I have, in Beckenham about a month ago. The glacier is deeper, and IMO it is a better colour. The IBIS is fairly flat even when prepared. Not that dealers prepare cars very well lol. I'm not sure if you've seen Suzuka grey but glacier would be the inbetween. Do I think the difference between...
  9. PregnantNproud

    Differences between Spot and S-Line

    The Sline lowered suspension is optional on the facelift. Was it standard on the previous shape? I'd love to see some pictures!
  10. PregnantNproud

    A5 sport grill to fit sline bumper?

    Well the parts will be off an Sline coupe. So it should look like this: And it'll be the whole front bumper, grille fog slight surrounds as well.
  11. PregnantNproud

    A5 sport grill to fit sline bumper?

    i will but they will be for a faceline
  12. PregnantNproud

    A5 sport grill to fit sline bumper?

    Again, i'd imagine so. On a related note, i'll have sline skirts, rear bumper and 18" alloys & tyres for sale in October if your interested.
  13. PregnantNproud

    A5 sline front bumper to fit 2008 A5 sport??

    Im 90% positive it will. The reason being: 1. Its cheaper and easier for Audi to make one shape front bumper in SE, Sline and S5, so that they fit the A5 bonnet and wings. Otherwise they would have to make a ton of different wings & bonnets for each trim level 2. I put an s3 front bumper on my...
  14. PregnantNproud

    Audi A5 Sportback 5 seats? anyone any experience? Techpack high upgrade

    The cheapest option is the Technik without tech pack high @ £32,210, which already has AMI, sat nav, parking system plus etc. Adding the tech pack high to the Technik for £470 seemingly only upgrades your sat nav to MMI navigation high. I would personally rather take the £470, add £65 and get...
  15. PregnantNproud

    My 2011 Exclusive Suzuka Grey S3 SB BE

    yes... read this entire thread. Waiting for the grille!
  16. PregnantNproud

    My first Audi :)

    I hear you buddy. When you go Disney make sure you get a hot dog... and think of me cause i miss them and they are the best hotdogs in the world! I over analyse too, its not a bad thing when your spending alot of money. Thing is, I don't know if I should chip my car or remap it. Heard of...