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  1. Chimp

    2019 RS5 Sport Edition - Oil Type & usage?

    Hi I haven't got access to the manual currently but need I noticed on the way to work this morning that the oil level is going down quite quick! I have 1437 miles on the clock and its reading at 2 thirds level already... never had oil being used so quick on all the brand new models over the...
  2. Chimp

    2019 - RS5 Coupe Sport Edition - First impressions - (ex S5 Owner).

    Well I have covered a little over 1100 miles now as of the weekend. My impressions are that the suspension that was initially much harder than then adaptive in the S5, it is but I am used to and don't think about it although adaptive on the RS would be the best possible solution if I could have...
  3. Chimp

    Pondering move from S3 to S4

    Not 100% the same situation but I went from a 2014 S3 to 2017 S5 - same engines although the S3 pre-facelift might have been a little be worse on Mpg but I averaged 30Mph over 2.5 years of mix of 60% a/b roads and 30% motorway rest was city driving. The S5 scared me a little at first from new...
  4. Chimp

    Cooling fans always running

    Has anyone else had this problem? I have just picked up an RS5 and noticed straight away they even just nipping around the shop that's about 1.5 mles away the fans come on and stay on when engine is off for a long time...
  5. Chimp

    2019 - RS5 Coupe Sport Edition - First impressions - (ex S5 Owner).

    It is funny how you get used to stuff and assume that the next level up in the range might have that stuff standard! I also noticed it must the matrix led not normal led that has the sweeping front indicators... ah well! :-) I think the storage pack is a must in my next car as it also had nets...
  6. Chimp

    2019 - RS5 Coupe Sport Edition - First impressions - (ex S5 Owner).

    Hi So after the advice on here and some negotiations (impending need for dealer to register car before Oct 1st) :) I have picked up a Glacier White 2019 Sport Edition Coupe! I have a very well specced 2017 S5 Coupe that I traded in... the initial offers for trade are really week on S5... My...
  7. Chimp

    S4 B9 New Pads

    Interesting that your rears have worn quicker, Mine did on my S5 and was puzzled...I thought I could hear the rears rubbing all the time at low speed, but I traded it in before replacing them lol!
  8. Chimp

    RS5 Coupe Sport ED - Brand New at Dealer

    Hi I have an opportunity to buy an RS5 Coupe sport edition with mostly the spec I want that is sat at a dealer unregistered. They advertised the car at a discount stating brand new etc, when I called they had to check it was available. Some story about that one was sold but they have another...
  9. Chimp

    Anyone had the gearbox software update?

    I wonder if a VCDS or odbeleven scan will show what version of software is on your update gearbox... as they keep saying there isn't an update for my car..
  10. Chimp

    OBDELEVEN pre order for iOS

    Shame that the "original" odb dongle wont work with the IOS app.... will have to stick to the Amazon tablet (slow) and always flat battery!
  11. Chimp

    Service time again

    On my S5 I have just had the 2nd Oil Change with 32k on the clock and asked for inspection to be carried out at same time. £332 is what I paid last time for both and I emailed them to ask if they would do the same again. I needed a pollen filter as the car is just over 2 years now so that was...
  12. Chimp

    2017 S5 - Brake pads need replacing at 32k miles?

    My car was just in for it's 2nd oil service and I asked for the inspection service and pollen filter (years old now) to be carried out at the same time so I don't need to go back so often. I was very surprised that they advised that the rear brake pads were 70% worn and the disk's need...
  13. Chimp

    Anyone had the gearbox software update?

    I asked the same last week when in for a service and dealer said there wasn't an update for my 2017 (March) S5.... I bet there is!
  14. Chimp

    A very frustrating car to own

    I have noticed in the S5 that the * button doesn't work when I have my iPhone plugged in for carplay. When just using Bluetooth connection or nothing then works 100%. I use it to change driving mode. Start Stop I thought was faulty as it didn't kick in at all over winter (thought is was...
  15. Chimp

    Picked up my new S3

    Lovely Colour!! Also 3 Dr is the best :-) such a shame they have stopped making them... hot hatches should be 3 Dr.
  16. Chimp


    I used Snow Socks and they worked fine and were fitted easily in resort on the way out. Cheaper... too especially unopened ones on ebay.
  17. Chimp

    LED matrix lights in France ?

    Hmm seems in France I had at least 20-25 in about 2-3 hours but in the UK I have had about 12 in 2 years... oh well back in UK now and all seems good.
  18. Chimp

    LED matrix lights in France ?

    I have just come back from driving to the alps and back to the UK and did a little research before going out about lights. Usually you might have to put sticky deflectors to stop the be dazzling other road users etc but everything suggested that the car would detect where is was using satnav...
  19. Chimp

    2017 A5/S5 Coupe - Roof Bars & Roof Box

    That looks cool! Forgot to mention I arrived in resort with 2 inches of snow and managed to get up to chalet with a little bit of slip just pulling into a parking space.. Quattro with MP4s seemed pretty good. Driving out of resort with 3-4 inches of fresh snow I used Snow Socks on the front...
  20. Chimp

    £320 For First Oil Service! WTF!

    I spoke to local dealer about an oil and inspection today and they offered oil Change - £314, inspection £218 and together £ 412. Didn't call anyone else as I deduced that I had an oil and inspection last March so the inspection shouldn't be for ages! They will be resetting the clock for me...