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  1. Joe_Murphy21187

    EGR+DPF Delete + Remap - What can i expect?

    Providing you get a decent map, yes you'll see a noticeable difference in power. Personally I found the power started a little lower in the rev range also (3.0tdi). Improvements in MPG is a bit of a myth, the theory being you don't need to work the car as hard to get up to speed so if you drive...
  2. Joe_Murphy21187

    New Custom Exhaust (3.0tdi)

    Here's a link to the gumtree ad:
  3. Joe_Murphy21187

    New Custom Exhaust (3.0tdi)

    I'm in Beeston in Nottingham, there's a garage round the corner from me which could fit it for you (the same one that removed it from my cab), but you would still have your old exhaust to contend with. Best option would probably to hire a van to collect it
  4. Joe_Murphy21187

    New Custom Exhaust (3.0tdi)

    Sold the a4 cabriolet this weekend and will be selling this exhaust in the classifieds shortly. If anyone is interested PM me! It will be collection only due to size and weight!
  5. Joe_Murphy21187

    Pressed metal number plates - legal?

    I've never been stopped with mine and as far as I'm concerned they are fully UK road-legal. They're pressed metal, however the have the necessary BS marks, the name of the plate manufacturer stated on them (not all do this or allow you to put a custom slogan on there, which is technically not...
  6. Joe_Murphy21187

    Finally bit the bullet and decided on some new alloys.

    Nice, classy and OEM+ look. I had the same style on my S-line B6 saloon, fit really well with the A4 styling and don't look as small as some other 18" designs (imo). Did you go for Audi rims or reps? Not to hijack the thread, but do you know what front bumper that is in the pic?
  7. Joe_Murphy21187

    Backbox delete!

    If you're just after aesthetics then the tips will suit you fine, but on their own they will make no difference to the sound. If you remove the backboxes and replace them with straight pipes (with tips on) it will alter the sound as well. Not as much as if you also removed the CAT and/or DPF...
  8. Joe_Murphy21187

    Backbox delete!

    I've tried on a couple of occasions to capture the sound, but it never works!
  9. Joe_Murphy21187

    Backbox delete!

    I did it... this sunny afternoon has affirmed my love for the 3.0tdi with no backboxes. The sound is not exactly subtle in residential areas, however I've removed the DPF & 2nd CAT so that probably contributes to the dB level...
  10. Joe_Murphy21187

    looking to buy B7 a4 avant tdi... any pointers?...

    Get the 3.0tdi, you won't regret it!
  11. Joe_Murphy21187

    15mm spacers all round on s4 cab?

    I've got 12mm all round, you could use 15mm on the back, 15mm on the front IMO might be a bit too far out. At the end of the day it's 3mm, it's personal preference and the difference will be arguably minimal
  12. Joe_Murphy21187

    Found some 19" rotors

    And ET 35 will fill your arches better than the standard ET43 alloys, but will give you no issues with arch rubbing
  13. Joe_Murphy21187

    Found some 19" rotors

    Yes. Go for 235/35/19 tyres for a slight stretch and no rubbing issues. 225/35/19 IMO is too narrow, and 245/35/19 IMO is too wide, however people have run both with (from what I can remember) no issues.
  14. Joe_Murphy21187

    3.0tdi radiator fan never comes on

    Temp sensor fault? Is the fan electric? Have you checked to see if voltage is getting to the fan when you'd expect it to be on?
  15. Joe_Murphy21187

    help with an irritating rattle somewhere outside the car.

    That's slightly worrying... Don't want to fork out for a new turbo but the car is 8 years old and nearly on 150k, so definitely won't be covered under warranty. What was actually wrong with the turbo? What else did you need to replace? Thanks for the reply btw!
  16. Joe_Murphy21187

    help with an irritating rattle somewhere outside the car.

    Did you ever get to the bottom of this Rob? I've developed a similar metallic sort of rattle at low speeds only and don't know what it is! Be interested to know if you ever identified the cause... Thanks!
  17. Joe_Murphy21187

    A4 B7 Cab parking button

    I could be wrong, but I don't think there is a switch. When you engage reverse the sensors activate automatically on mine...?
  18. Joe_Murphy21187

    S4 B7 Cabriolet Folding Mirrors

    If the switch doesn't have a 'fold in' position, presumably they didn't fit the motors into the mirrors...
  19. Joe_Murphy21187

    Which diesel?

    Another vote for the 3.0tdi. Remove the DPF and find a friendly MOT centre, combined with a remap and EGR delete as said above. Main thing to watch for is the timing chains, which need replacing at (a debatable) 120,000 miles. This isn't listed in the service schedule, however a tell-tale sign...
  20. Joe_Murphy21187

    Possibly Splitting The Audi

    Shame to see it split after all the work you put into it, but that's the way of things with modified cars sadly. If I had a saloon I'd have your interior, as I have a cab nothing will fit. Good luck with the breaking! What car have you got now btw?