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  1. AudiSpy

    Happy Birthday Sandra

    Happy Birthday @Sandra , our very own Queen of Scotland. Some say the S in ASN is actually for Sandra, all we know is... she's awesome :)
  2. AudiSpy

    Happy New Year everyone

    Happy New Year fellow ASN'ers Here's to another year of quattro filled fun
  3. AudiSpy

    Another watch question .

    It would depend on the reasons gifted, but i'd be tempted to keep it.
  4. AudiSpy

    Happy Birthday Sandra

    Happy Birthday Sandra! Have an awesome day :thumbs up:
  5. AudiSpy

    Happy Birthday Sandra

    Happy Birthday Sandra have an AWESOME day! x
  6. AudiSpy

    First things to do with your new car..

    Big old clean and a new car scent magic tree air freshener lol
  7. AudiSpy

    Artificial Grass - help!

    I went with fake grass after having numerous drainage problems, boggy grass and a dog churning it up. Despite being a new build and having the lawn replaced twice with big french drains in real grass had to go! And.. I've been super happy with it ever since! It looks perfect every day and just...
  8. AudiSpy

    Vodafone Protect & Connect 5

    The Vodafone system is very good and reliable they are quite on it with getting cars back usually very quickly. Just to add as well the point with the card is to keep it with you as well, there's no point it being with the car key as it does kind of defeat the object of it too. You could...
  9. AudiSpy

    Audi Q2 - Servicing

    Can you not go into the MMI on the car and see if it has a countdown until the next service? Should be under 'car' :)
  10. AudiSpy

    Audi driver magazine

    It is indeed, out of interest would you see value in a magazine. That question is for anyone reading this post too :) let me know!
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    Happy Birthday Just Rob

    Happy Birthday!! (soz late to the party, where's the cake?)
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    Happy Birthday Bristle Hound

    Happy Birthday!!
  13. AudiSpy

    Any d.i.y people

    What he said ^ big washer
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    Rejection of approved Audi

    This is an interesting one, so i would say good for you for standing your ground to get the resolution you wanted, sounds like you went about it in a good manner too. It doesn't always work but glad to hear it has, sounds like maybe a bad egg that's not had the best start to it's life. So enjoy...
  15. AudiSpy

    weekend car, thoughts on these?

    Cayman would be my choice or a 996 911. Either way - happy hunting!
  16. AudiSpy

    Stolen Audi

    Gutted for you but hope you get it back!
  17. AudiSpy

    What is the best dunking product, and into what....

    Just dunked a mars bar into a cup of tea. Made a mess so i'd give it a 5/10 for gooey chocolatey ness.
  18. AudiSpy

    So what's on your santa list then , i've asked for something special....

    You won't get the Ducati, because it's going under my tree! Or maybe the Panigale V4 R :)