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  1. AudiSpy

    Q5 Audi Q5 genuine side steps/running boards

    Hmm I guess they really do divide opinion. Marmite side steps then! (I really like them and would like some for my Q5) maybe @RS3 S. we can come to an arrangement? :)
  2. AudiSpy

    Q5 Audi Q5 genuine side steps/running boards

    You want to remove your side steps, seems odd?
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    Q5 Show me your Floret Silver Q5s

    Here ya go then... It is a nice colour and cleans up well
  4. AudiSpy

    Q8 My new whip

    What a beast!
  5. AudiSpy

    Q5 ADBlue for the Q5

    Don't spill on your trainers either!
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    Q5 New Q5 heated seats query

    Literally this is one of the best posts ever! Great commitment to the question and answer there @SQuee5e
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    Q5 No idea what there worth & anyone interested?.

    My advice would be to keep the roof bars, when you hand the car back you should be asked if you still have them. How much it would affect the trade in value etc but it may be accounted for. When I handed my last Q5 back the rails were still boxed as I never used them, but they did ask that...
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    Q2 Audi Q2. What were Audi thinking?

    Think that's a fair review of your experience and ownership @viperfire and to be honest one of the reasons this place exists. From the comments it seems interior quality is a little to be desired but overall a good car. Me personally it's an interesting car but i'm not overly a fan of it nor...
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    SQ5 SQ5 orders cancelled

    Its WLTP that has caused a few engines and therefore models to go subject to availability. The line is that “production is full” because that’s a much better good news story!
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    Q5 Audi Q5 clicking pedal

    Thanks for replies might as well get as much info in here as we can. Interesting thread on the ABS also, they definitely didn't mention this to me. Is it not slightly worrying that the ABS only does a check at 25mph and that this then affects the accelerator pedal? Odd!
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    Q5 Audi Q5 clicking pedal

    If you own a new Q5 or an SQ5 you may feel a slight clicking through the accelerator pedal once you get up to speed. This may also be the case for other vehicles with quattro on demand. Worry not however it turns out this is perfectly normal. Speaking to Audi today it is the quattro on demand...
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    Q5 Adblue, Q5 2.0 TDI 190

    All depends how much has been topped up into it you can usually fit a couple of the big bottles in the tank once its run down to the warning. I say that because I kept only putting one in then required topping up again soon. Put 2 in and it was ages between fills!
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    SQ5 New to the Audi scene!

    Excellent choice and looks great. Enjoy! Plus welcome to the brand and the club!
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    Q5 The q5 react 2018

    If I only had a brain! What a cool advert, look forward to experiencing it myself when i pick it up on Saturday :)
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    Q5 engine cutting out

    Agreed keep it calm. But definitely start adding comments to Facebook. They will have no choice but to get involved then.
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    Q5 Dip stick

    Didn't know you could even get one for this.
  17. AudiSpy

    Can Q5 stream music via Bluetooth

    Mostly yes, I have a 2015 with MMI and this streams via bluetooth, even spotify. nice.
  18. AudiSpy

    Q5 Dipstick for a Q5?

    According to a quick question to Mr Google your Q5 does have start stop? Also why would you need a dipstick when you can check the oil level from the on board computer. Appreciate you need to warm the car then turn off but a quick trip to the shop will be enough
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    Q5 New 2017 Q5 - Thoughts

    Thanks :sunglasses:
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    Q5 New 2017 Q5 - Thoughts

    Looks great and like the colour best as well. If a Centre comes up with a decent deal i think i could be persuaded to trade mine in :)