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  1. MELenium

    Parts request disappeared

    Hi Any update concerning the parts request?
  2. MELenium

    Parts request disappeared

    Hi Since the upgrade yesterday the parts request has disappeared.
  3. MELenium

    Documents with a new car?

    I was really looking for the list, V5, owners manual, Audi roadside assistance, navigation manual is the ones I can think of, anymore?
  4. MELenium

    Documents with a new car?

    Hi Just wondered what documents etc you get when you get a new car, things like owners manual etc
  5. MELenium

    Test drive a new car

    Hi Miesel^ have you dealt with them before or are you a stranger to them?
  6. MELenium

    Test drive a new car

    Now that car showrooms are going to start opening from the 1st June, I was wondering how they'll deal with social distancing when you want to have a test drive, they are not going to be able to sit in the car with you so how will they adapt to the new rules?
  7. MELenium

    Locked out! Flat battery and door lock completely seized! HELP!

    With the Buture br200 car jump starter that sells on Amazon it includes a cigarette lead that plugs into the cigarette socket that it will charge your battery in about 15 minutes enough to start your car.
  8. MELenium

    Oh dear, what next.

    Our cars are probably the second most expensive item you purchase after your house so maintaining by washing and detailing it to me is essential as long as you keep safe by social distancing and like Andy Butcher has said it give you some exercise and keeps your mind active.
  9. MELenium

    Audi live stream

    Hi Audi have just started doing live streams on there Audi media center site where you are able to book a 20 minute interactive live stream slot for a tour of there factory in either English or German up to the end of this month. Bookings are filling up quite quickly.
  10. MELenium


    If anyone is interested Audi have just released a colouring book to print to help pass some time due to the coronavirus the website is: