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    S3 Owners! What car are you getting next?

    A45 AMG since Audi wont do a 3 door RS3, if they do, well, we shall see.
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    Ipod cable

    Somethings up with my docking system in the glovebox. Its the factory fitted item on 2008 8P S3. My wife had her square type ipod in last year and when l put mine in or select the ipod l get an error coming up. It tells me theres something up in vcds as well. Anyone know how much it is to...
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    s3 tyre

    The F1s are very good. Have them on mine but wife hit massive man made pot hole and wasted the passenger side tyres. Cars parked up in the garage await some new ones all round. Typical time of year for that to happen.
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    S3 forge twin intake

    Removed engine cover to find apr pump. Cool. But not required if its using OEM filter, which you really havent said. And if it is OEm filter next purchase is an intake. And what map is it running?
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    Ipod Denison gateway

    You can create 5 playlists if it helps Jimbo. Bugs me that you cant see whats playing either.
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    Emmission sensor

    Anyone know how much a lamda sensor is for the S3 8P 2008?
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    No one has then, must mean its on its way out ***.
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    Has anyone had or heard of a clutch slipping on starting first thing then the slipping goes away after a while. Not really been driving this past 6 weeks and been a passenger most times. l reckon the wife is fracking shot at driving , cant wait to get her her own car.
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    Dealership Choice - Central Scotland

    Which mileage of service? Oil change only, kwikfit.
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    Definitive MPG on a S3. The Truth.

    according to an article where was a Chinese fellow who sold one to buy an ipad and iphone they said the going rate was around 23k, cant remember if it was £s $s or Yens. Apparently hes in a bad way now.
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    Okada Projects Plasma induction coils

    lm wondering how these fair alongside RS4 injectors
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    8P1, 8P2 or 8P3?

    sorry, S3
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    8P1, 8P2 or 8P3?

    8P1, delivered May 2008.
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    8P1, 8P2 or 8P3?

    whats the engine code for the 2008 8P
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    Having Revo taken off today

    dont think so
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    Time for a build thread....big turbo

    l have to look. must have pushed it back and forgotten about it.
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    Time for a build thread....big turbo

    what year is yours? l dont remember a cover. unless lve forgotten about it