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  1. s3joe

    Cambelt Replacement

    Depends we’re you are to have a good Indy do it as I know awesome gti do it cheeper than that.
  2. s3joe

    New thermostat temp still not hitting 90

    Yes the sender unit does affect the mpg on these as it tells the ecu how hot the car is to fuel it etc.
  3. s3joe

    New thermostat temp still not hitting 90

    Temp sender unit it is on the pipe that goes to the thermostat
  4. s3joe

    A3 8p temperature issue

    sounds like its got a air lock in there to me i try drawing it and refilling it
  5. s3joe

    Car Stolen

    I know how you feel I have owned a focus Rs and had my door took off three times for it but everytime they were looking into my German Shepards teeth as I had a disk lock and a coded alarm on it so they had to have the keys and code to get it.
  6. s3joe

    S3 2007 vibrations at 2k rpm

    I think I know this car I have sent you a pm on your other post over the panel gaps
  7. s3joe

    Is this a normal panel gap?

    I have pmd you
  8. s3joe

    Find a old car.

    I know I have tried to ring them and they just said it's got nothing to do with them as it's a police matter
  9. s3joe

    Cam follower changed at 73K miles

    looks very worn there
  10. s3joe

    Find a old car.

    ill give them a ring on monday an see what they say
  11. s3joe

    APR Stage 1 map results and problem

    ill go for clutch on that one too
  12. s3joe

    Find a old car.

    As some my remember I got stung with a suspect ringer from Manchester I found the car up for sale in the Aylesbury area so I rang the garage to tell them about the car and what's wrong with it for them to laugh down the phone. Now I know it's been sold he could not offer finance on it and wanted...
  13. s3joe

    cleaning products

    What colour is it as it depends on how aggressive you get your clay bar too
  14. s3joe

    Slight judder when idle

    We're are you based could be a couple of things like pcv or dv. Best to get vcds on it too.
  15. s3joe

    Audi S3 Remap

    mine is 2010 one. yer its been spot on to be honest
  16. s3joe

    Audi S3 Remap

    I got them figures without any mods from unicorn
  17. s3joe

    Miltek catback for 5DR: Will it fit a 3DR?

    yes there is 70mm difference with them
  18. s3joe

    Power, mods,specs, remapper and graphs!

    It's a 2010 sport back S3