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  1. a4quat

    Sd card

    I'm guessing that isn't a ten minute job
  2. a4quat

    Sd card

    It's a 61 plate, the only sd card I have available is a 32gb! Do you think it would be worth trying a smaller sd card to transfer my music onto?
  3. a4quat

    Sd card

    I have an a4 with the concert head unit, I have added my music onto an sd card and most of the songs will not play because the head unit says the tracks are damaged! Although I can play the same songs through my phone via the aux cable that plugs under the armrest. Any ideas anyone?
  4. a4quat

    New Owner. TDI Quattro s-line

    Not received, email me on Cheers
  5. a4quat

    New Owner. TDI Quattro s-line

    This is my third Audi, my first was a B5 1.8 tqs and then a B6 S4, but have had a mondeo st tdci for about five year in between these. It is 170bhp model which seems to be enoughpower for now, not getting very many mpg's at the minute but that may be down to new car syndrome. Is it possible to...
  6. a4quat

    Adding DAB to MMI 3G low.

    Do you have a link to the supplier please as I would be interested in doing this to my B8 tdi Quattro s line has my system does not have dab.
  7. a4quat

    Sold my S4

    and bought a golf 1.8t gti... and put a few quid back in the bank! its my first vw and its my first Golf. Any good Golf or vw forums? and online parts stores I should know about?
  8. a4quat

    BANG out of order

  9. a4quat

    Want to sell my S4 but what to buy? suggestions...

    lostbok asked about my daily commute, it is 10-15 mile, so not much really but i do about 10-12k per year. Also asked about the reason I want rid of the S4, its because i just want to pay a chunk off my loan so i can put some cash into my savings for christmas and whatever comes along so im not...
  10. a4quat

    Want to sell my S4 but what to buy? suggestions...

    I was really wanting anything (within reason) that's not fwd but im actually coming round to the fact that i cant really think of anything apart from a b6 1.8tqs! my needs are that there is just usually me in the car but weekends there is all 4 of us in it occasionally, the seat leon cupra r...
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    Want to sell my S4 but what to buy? suggestions...

    fun and speed yes, looks not so much...
  12. a4quat

    Want to sell my S4 but what to buy? suggestions...

    Ive got my S4 up for sale and need some suggestions on what to buy next, im wanting to pay a lump off my loan and buy something for around...
  13. a4quat

    B6 S4, B6 3,0 V6 Used Dual-Mass Flywheels Wanted.

    ive just had mine done too(S4 BBK) but im not sure what happened to my old one! sorry
  14. a4quat

    Bad vibrations......

    after the stealers taking a load of money off me on wednesday for what they call "a full service" (how can they call it a service when they advised on air filter, pollen filter, spark plugs and alot of other things including a sidelight which was not working and NOT replacing any of these...
  15. a4quat

    Audi Dealers - Time to let off steam!

    I picked my S4 up from audi teesside today after a long life service and aswell as advising me for everything from air filter to tyres (not replacing most parts like air filter, spark plugs etc) they advised me on a sidelight bulb which was not working!!! why didnt they just change it???
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    I average around 20mpg (230ish miles to the tank) when i went to watch the motogp at donny last week i managed an average of 28mpg (over 300 miles to the tank) so not that bad...
  17. a4quat

    Top Gear

    imo i think it was a waste of twenty minutes of the program to go on about this vw advert thing!
  18. a4quat

    My Old Mans' New Toy

    it looks mint mate :applaus:
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    motogp @ Donnington

    I caught the traffic spot on!!! the race finished, i stormed the track, got in my car which was right near the gate where i was stood and was one of the first cars out!!!mint.... yes, i did use the :puke2: I got some great footage on my mobile from when i was on the...