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  1. tedward

    A4 B8 TDI S-Line - Retrofit Standard or SE Suspension?

    I'm up for a car swop if you are? Lol. seriously though my car (se) has the optional upgrade 18s with the same tyre size as yours and the ride is far from harsh. There must be a Que of people who would gladly trade s line spec suspension for SE spec?
  2. tedward

    A4 B8 rear brake pads, how too?

    Now that's what I'm talking about, there's always a way! Spare battery in the garage and plenty of wire about, pads ordered.....sorted. Some local jockey wanted to charge me £50 to connect the laptop to rewind the pistons and £47 to fit the pads? thanks.
  3. tedward

    A4 B8 rear brake pads, how too?

    The rear pads need doing on my 58 plate A4 but the pesky electric handbrake is making it look nigh on impossible for a d.i.y,er . Can anyone recommend a link to a how too without using the plug in caliper re-set gizmo or am i going to have to stump up at a garage? There is a gunsons re set...
  4. tedward

    Changing Alternator Pulley

    I would be amazed if you can do it in situ! Probably just as easy to remove it once you have the aux belt off it's only a Couple of bolts??.
  5. tedward

    Rs3 ,dsg drive to neutral

    All autos do this. Just a case of getting used to not going for the gears with the left hand. I have to laugh when the mrs drives my A4 auto, her left legs going and keeps reaching for the gear lever at junctions!
  6. tedward

    Audi A4 front light help

    Here's a good guide for headlight removal on the B8 A4 its american so ignore the drivers side comments! Thought it was a bumper removal isnt. Very simple job. DIY HID bulb replacements - AudiWorld Forums
  7. tedward

    Is this the dodgeiest/most dangerous RS4 ever for sale?

    Spotted this on e bay DAMAGED SALVAGE AUDI RS4 SALOON UNRECORDED MAJORITY REPAIRED NEED DIY WITH PARTS | eBay This is some naughty cuting and shutting right here. Check the mig seam welding at the top of the rear quarters on both sides and on the rear open door shot the mig seam weld at the...
  8. tedward

    s3 or R32

    £10 grand? Were they ever that much? Must have ticked all the boxes on that one?
  9. tedward

    s3 or R32

    I never really have understood why the mk4 R32 holds more weight in vag circles than the newer mk5? Personally think the mk5 in the right colour, leather buckets and right wheels is a lovely thing. It's not all about outright speed, at cruising speed the noise of an R32 is gorgeous.
  10. tedward

    s3 or R32

    get an R32 while you have disposable income and just enjoy the noise. you can have the more sensible S3 when you are older and a bit more boring! You wont get away with the noise an R32 makes with a mr's and nippers on board in a few years! I have owned V6 golf's and driven S3's and would have...
  11. tedward

    Recommend me a courier to collect a bonnet please!

    Thanks guys, will check them out now.
  12. tedward

    Recommend me a courier to collect a bonnet please!

    Need a bonnet picking up from Luton by courier, any recommendations for someone who's a reasonable price and reliable? Thanks.
  13. tedward

    Recommend me a decent budget home CCTV kit

    Thanks for that, I have been to maplin to see what they have on offer and they seem to have a really decent 1 camera kit for £169. From what i have found the wireless kits are no good for my potential positioning so a hard wired kit is the way to go for me. I was impressed with the quality of...
  14. tedward

    My audi a3 3.2 v6 quattro - valuation needed

    I think £4250 is realistic price. The mods will put off more people than they will attract. Akoya isnt the most desirable colour. It's a tad miley. I personally like it though.
  15. tedward

    Recommend me a decent budget home CCTV kit

    As per title really could do with a decent budget CCTV kit that has decent night vision and a clear view during the day to mainly to watch my drive and cars and approach to the house generally. How do these things work regarding recording? I take it you have to have sone kind of large data...
  16. tedward

    Car Won't Start, No Dash Lights

    Have you contacted the company (BBA reman) I recommended on my above posts? The guy I spoke to was confident they would be able to diagnose and fix the problem. Maybe worth e mailing or calling them to see what they think, for £135 that they seem to charge I would rather repair my own cluster...
  17. tedward

    Buying an A6 Avant - any watchouts?

    Really? I did some research on these as i was considering one befrore i bought the A4. Taken from Honest john. Mazda 6 2008 - Car Review | Honest John 2012: Timing chains of 2.2 diesels are stretching.5-2-2012: DPFs failing to regenerate can bring numerous other problems: DPF Blockage (Loss...
  18. tedward

    Buying an A6 Avant - any watchouts?

    Good cars but not without their faults. 2.2diesel's stretch the timing chain, eat oil at an alarming rate, DPF fail regularly. And they are well known to self destruct engines by as little as 40,000 miles....get a petrol!
  19. tedward

    Anyone know this car/ company ?

    thats amazingly expensive for an A3 nearly 7 years old.
  20. tedward

    B8 glove box fit B7?

    Its a question for the sake of posting a question. I suspect he already knew the answer.