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  1. jonmusicman

    Sony K800i phone cradle for sale

    Just a quick post to say I'm selling my phone cradle for my Sony K800i on ebay. If anyone ins interested? Many thanks
  2. jonmusicman

    7 speed auto

    Can anyone tell me which auto gearbox is 7 speed? I may need to move to an auto in the near future. Which engines is it normally fitted to? Many thanks
  3. jonmusicman

    What are people 1st impressions?

    Seen one and driven one (1.8T). It does look very nice but my three pet hates are... 1: That foot rest next to the clutch pedal, Yuk!!! When I pressed the clutch my foot caught on the foot rest. Very unconformable, for me any way. 2: Cars now seem to way too complected, and this one is no...
  4. jonmusicman

    205 1.9 GTi

    Anyone remember the 309GTi? Now that was a cool (I hope)!!! I had a black one and it was mint. Sadly a garage totally f****d the engine up for me.
  5. jonmusicman


    Why did God give woman thrush? So they could learn to live with an irritating **** before marring one!
  6. jonmusicman

    New A4 B8

    Has anyone had a test drive in the new A4 B8? I have just driven the 1.8T SE and I must admit, it does look very nice. There is so much more room compared to the B7. I think the dash looks very modern but feels cheap and there are loads of buttons. My other BIG gripe are the peddles. They are...
  7. jonmusicman

    Anyone Help Please ???

    I got my chrome mirrors from... They took a total of 30 minutes to fit!
  8. jonmusicman


    Mate, that's fantastic. I sell cameras for a living and it WILL be a BIG seller!!!
  9. jonmusicman

    ECU Software Upgrade?

    When my 2.0tdi was serviced last year I was told the same about the remap however they told me that it was because drivers were having clutch problems due to the torque of the engine. They actually mentioned the 1.9tdi had the same problem.
  10. jonmusicman

    Best phone for Audi factory kit

    I'm having problems with my Sony K800i dropping the BT connection so I think it's time to change it (only 2 months old). Can anyone recommend a good phone? I sold a Nokia 6320i (I think) and you could set lights on, auto answer and it linked direct in to the the Audi phone kit with the cradle...
  11. jonmusicman

    My A4 S-line with Coilovers installed

    Hi Andy, it looks stunning but what the f-f-f-f-flippin' eck are the coil overs?
  12. jonmusicman

    Sony Phone Cradles. A word of warning

    For some reason I cannot get my K800 to "auto answer" in bluetooth. I've set the car profile and set auto but it doesn't work. Any ideas?
  13. jonmusicman

    Recommend me a camera sub £200

    There are loads of cameras that cannot zoom while in video mode, it's just the way they are. But just remember it's a camera first!
  14. jonmusicman

    Sony Phone Cradles. A word of warning

    To all you drivers wanting an Audi phone cradle for your Sony K800, forget it!!! Today I have spoken to three dealers and Audi customer service (who were less than useless) and it seems there is more chance of winning the lottery twice in a week than getting one of these! No one can give any...
  15. jonmusicman

    Medical term...

    Question: What's the medical term for the fatty tissue surrounding the clitoris? Answer: The wife!!!
  16. jonmusicman


    Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear that sun tan line is terrible! lol
  17. jonmusicman

    Nokia 6230i with Audi phone cradle on eBay

    I've just listed on eBay my Nokia 6230i & Audi phone cradle for the "On dash holder". Item number 230201658359 Just upgraded to a Sony K800i so the Nokia's gotta go!!!
  18. jonmusicman

    I give you the Christmas Elfs

    That's fantastic. Just sent it to everyone in my address book!!!
  19. jonmusicman

    Limited Edition Oxo cube

    Oxo are bringing out a new cube to mark England's defeat. It's got a red and white rapper. It's called a laughing stock!!!
  20. jonmusicman

    ****-sucking frog

    A man returns from the Amazon with a ****-sucking frog. Wife asks "what am I supposed to do with that?" Man says "teach it to cook then f#*k off".