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  1. Longman

    Engine Code on 2010 A4 2.0 TDI

    Thanks for that John.. really handy!! Much appreciated all!
  2. Longman

    Engine Code on 2010 A4 2.0 TDI

    Thanks guys, will have a look at that... Great help.
  3. Longman

    Engine Code on 2010 A4 2.0 TDI

    Hi Please could someone confirm the engine code (3 digits stamped onto the block) for a 2.0 tdi A4 on a 10 plate with 143ps? I have a colleague who has just bought one of these but the log book says 124ps instead of 143 and he needs to know if he has been missold. Thanks Rob
  4. Longman

    Vag-com any one?

    Whenever you like Dan. Just give me a nudge!
  5. Longman

    Vag-com any one?

    I am near Maidstone if you want to meet somewhere?
  6. Longman

    Measuring blocks??

    Block 30 is pre and post-cat o2 value and status Block 31 is Idle and Run Lambda adaptation. This for Air Trim - > 1.0 = Lean < 1.0 = Rich Block 32 is pre-cat Voltage idle and load
  7. Longman

    Measuring blocks??

    Have you got a genuine cable? If its not, you can't register it and you will be limited to which blocks you can use. 30 - 32 are to do with fuel trim. I don't know why you would have trouble connecting if its genuine
  8. Longman

    Phantom S3 Misfires Logged - coilpacks?

    The erratic idle and water temp sounds like a coolant temp sensor. These are really cheap to change. You want a green topped on as the black ones are notorious for failing. This might help: With regard to the missfire, its strange that they are...
  9. Longman

    esp light constantly on, vagcom not working

    I would get the Hex-USB+CAN. Your car has CAN-BUS communication for all of its controllers so it has to have CAN capabilities.
  10. Longman

    esp light constantly on, vagcom not working

    I would reccomend using Ross-Tech's site and getting it from the states. I did, they Fed-Ex it and mine was in my sweaty palm in 1 1/2 days! I did get charged for import duty but as the $ is so weak against the £, it was a really good deal for me. Not sure what its like against the Euro though...
  11. Longman

    esp light constantly on, vagcom not working

    It still has its limitations as you haven't bought the license. Although I am surprised it won't let you at least connect. The first problem is definately the cable though. You get what you pay for I am afraid. Where abouts are you? I could plug in for you if you are close.
  12. Longman

    Anyone going to Le Mans?

    I am!! Leaving early tomorrow morning and staying at Karting Nord. There are 5 of us going in 2 cars... I cannot ****** wait mate!! How about you??
  13. Longman

    Road Tax

    Such an unattractive race the Sweeds!!
  14. Longman

    Anyone with a mapped S3 in Kent?

    I am happy to have a look at it if you like. A quick log with VAG-COM will give you an idea of whether its been remapped or not.
  15. Longman

    vag----fault code.

    I think this is common. I have heard about this before. They are linked, you can set the controller to make the windows to come down when you hold the unlock button in the fob. It sounds like the switch is giving the window motor that signal intermitantly in error and the code says to me...
  16. Longman

    Sorry another noob question

    If you go into Central Locks - Coding and hover the mouse over the current code (Don't click it) Does it come up with the options then? You should be able to add a number to the code to enable the flash.... I think..
  17. Longman

    Help. Dustcaps stuck on alloys!

    I have had this problem too. It occured when I went for new tyres. We had to cut the valves in the end as the aluminium cap corrodes istelf to the valve. I would try heat too but obviously be careful of the valves itself.... You might have to think about new valves if you can't get them off.
  18. Longman

    Le Mans......

    Karting Norde in a couple of Army tents!! We are getting there Thursday and leaving Monday....
  19. Longman

    Le Mans......

    Yes mate, there are 5 of us going. A few from the SCN forum are going too. Hope the weather is good!!
  20. Longman

    misfiring CELs - vagcom reads and datalogs

    Interesting about FPR, I stand corrected!