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    How 2

    As for glass itself, slide your hand flat behind the mirror from the outer edge and just pop it. As for whole assy, remove smal triangle plastic cover inside the doors, remove insulation and ther is a spline bolt which holds the whole unit. To remove triangle plastic you might have to remove...
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    A6 2.5 TDI 00575 Inlet manifold pressure exceeded

    Post dynamic log of channel 11 from VCDS. Floor it from 1500rpm until redline. Also 3rd and 8th will be usefull for diagnosis for beginning (also dynamic but logged in three separate runs).
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    Wanted vp44 injection pump

    You can send the old one to me for checkup. I have repaired quite a few of them without further failures. Still will be cheaper than getting a second one...
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    2004 Audi A6 1.8T Avant Multitronic Failure

    Unfortunately you're just next victim of ****** CVT. If you get yourself second hand one it won't last long. Sooner or later will fail. I'd do some research as there is a possibility to swap it to manual. I'd have to dig out some information on this matter. The cost will be much smaller that new...
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    Audi A4 B6, 2.5TDI Quattro V6, Remap.. Faulty??

    where about are you. Just ask someone with VCDS to do full diag and make some logs. Post them here and we'll see.... Simplest solution
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    C6 3.0tdi reliability?

    Look here There are some issues but in general they are good engines....
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    Audi a6 sat nav

    Drop me a PM. Will be able to help you....
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    Please explain the fuel system on a 2.5tdi

    Yours is for AKE 180BHP engine and the other one is for AKN 150BHP engine. They won't match. @samiam Why don't you get your pump to Bosch service for checkup? They (if professional and well equipped) will be able to tell you if your pump is good or not. Personally i think that pump is on...
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    Retro-fit Sat Nav Up-Grade.

    If you have Symphony system it will be almost p&p but if you have single DIN radio it will cost you some £££ and work.
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    Audi A6 19" RS6 replica alloys

    I've got them on my A6 for 3 years now. No problem whatsoever. Even my suspension holds up (original from new, 10 years). Traction and stability is much better especially if you have sport shocks. You'll fell the road more and depending on tyres you'll hear them more as well.
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    Audi A6 3.0 tdi advice

    Well, Those engines in early versions 04-05 have problems with timing chain tensioners. It's pain in the *** to change it as it's located at the back of the engine, so the whole engine have to taken out. Job is simple but the labour will cost a lot. Apart from that sometimes injectors gets...
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    [A6 2.0 tdi] engine judder

    Why don't you hook it up on VCDS? Good diagnostic will tell a lot of these problems....
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    Newbie from Nottingham A6 buying advice

    As for oil leaks it's true. In general petrol engines have tendency to have leaks. My opinion is to leave 2.4 alone and get yourself 2.8 at least. There is also TDI possibility. Quattro was in 155 and 180 BHP versions post 2002. Mileage will be higher but engines are far more long lasting than...
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    2005 2.5 TDI All Road Start Problems - HELP!!!!

    Most probably when they changed timing belt they did not set proper dynamic timing which at 80degC should be in range 2deg BTDC - 2deg ATDC. Connect VCDS and check....
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    A6 Avant quattro rear discs question

    Send VIN so we can check what discs you should use.
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    Please explain the fuel system on a 2.5tdi

    Listen mate... VP44 are VERY delicate. If you crank it without fuel in the circuit you'll kill the pump. It's got to be primed in the way that there should be no VP activity until it's got fuel in it otherwise it gets f*^%&ed pretty quick. Towing is also forbidden as engine is equipped in CAT...
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    Newbie from Nottingham A6 buying advice

    Do you have to buy 2.4 AND Q? It's not really powerful engine for quite heavy chassis and Quattro. If i were you i'd go for 2.8Q as those engines are much better performing with almost same petrol consumption. Forget 2.6 - similar to 2.4 takes alot of petrol without effect. Equipped in auto...
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    A6 suspension durability

    The only solution is to get a descent make parts. IMO the est way of doing it is just change whole lot at one go. I know the costs but it will save you time and labour money on changing bit by bit from time to time. As soon as first one goes bad, the other ones are not that far from failure...
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    A6 Avant snow/ice traction problems

    Guys, it's time for you to start getting winter tyres as there will be more snow every year. They are worth every penny on snow, snow mud and moist when temps are getting below 7 degC. I'm getting tired of people driving 5mph while there is no ice on the road or even snow. This causes gigantic...
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    Strange loss of power A3 Tdi

    If you have access to VCDS get on the road and while accelerating you collect real time parameters. Do you have someone who knows about tdi diagnostics? Where about are you from?