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  1. fivespice

    Post your eBay finds,for sale items and classifieds links also WANTED stuff

    For you 8V owners... Full Winter Wheel Set BBS SR in Himalaya Grey 18" 8J with Continental WinterContact TS850P 225/40 £750. Collection from Glasgow area.
  2. fivespice

    For Sale Genuine BBS SR 18x8J Himalaya Satin Grey with Conti Winters, Full Set to fit 8V

    FOR SALE TO FIT AUDI A3/S3 8V Used for three winters before I sold my S3 in Spring 2019. They have been sat in my garage ever since. Great, clean condition. BBS SR Himalaya Satin Grey 18" x 8" PCD: 5x112 ET45 Centre Bore: 82 Part No: 03.60.483 No major defects, just areas of kerb damage...
  3. fivespice

    2018 Sedan - S3 Ara blue no s-sports seats vs. Navarra blue with sports seats.

    My personal preference would be Navarra blue with the normal sport seat (with alcantara). Ho-hum.
  4. fivespice

    First S3 Black Edition

    Lovely! Grey with Black styling pack always looks sooo good. Any pics of the rear?
  5. fivespice

    Does anyone else suffer from bird poo?

    I keep a Hozelock pressure sprayer and kitchen roll in the car during the summer months for such emergencies. Not ideal but does the job.
  6. fivespice

    Post Pics Of Your A3/S3 8v In Here

    Stopping to admire the setting sun, on the A821 near Aberfoyle (otherwise known as Duke's Pass). Ben A'an is clearly visible in the background.
  7. fivespice

    Post Pics Of Your A3/S3 8v In Here

    Mine doesn't look half as filthy as yours, Jassy, even after returning from Glencoe! Here's a pic from this morning after changing to my brand new winter wheels. 18" BBS SR in Himalaya Grey (8J ET45) with Continental WinterContact TS850P, 225/40.
  8. fivespice

    Post Pics Of Your A3/S3 8v In Here

    Thanks everyone :D Really stunning scenery, especially with the snow capped hills. Shame the light starts to go at 4pm. Jassy- 'old codger pre facelift', lol. IIRC mine is only one month younger than yours :) How time flies.
  9. fivespice

    Post Pics Of Your A3/S3 8v In Here

    Yesterday, at Loch Tulla viewpoint on the A82. Car is actually filthy...
  10. fivespice

    Show us Daytona's

    My car was at Platinum Polish in Glasgow for a protection detail last month. I should have taken some 'before' photos, as the car was a right state: scratches all along the passenger side from an errant tree branch; a patch of stubborn dirt on the driver's door that I couldn't get rid of; dirty...
  11. fivespice

    Glasgow Audi Service

    !!! I don't think I've paid less than £200 for a service ever :(
  12. fivespice

    Glasgow Audi Service

    I had only done 4200 miles as well!
  13. fivespice

    Glasgow Audi Service

    My S3 had its first year oil change from Glasgow Audi last month. £235.
  14. fivespice

    S3 Servicing?

    My S3 is one year old next week. It's just back from its first service. Just an oil change mind. It's only done 4200 miles. The reminder came up on my dash a month ago.
  15. fivespice

    Collection Pics - All A3/S3

    Pictures are fine, chill out! :) Not often I see the upgraded wheels on a Sportback. Looks great!!!
  16. fivespice

    Just picked my new car up! Love it :)

    Lovely! Congrats! :D
  17. fivespice


    I've noticed this as well! Mists up inside real quick, noticeably so after giving it a power wash. In the evenings, I would have to keep the windscreen heater on for much longer than I would have in my previous cars.
  18. fivespice

    So S3 SB owners - I'm just wondering.....

    Ice scraper, various cloths and wipes, a Continental Mobility Kit, a rolled up old waterproof jacket, blue IKEA bag, etc.. It find it very useful :)
  19. fivespice

    Quad pipes seem to soot up easily

    Gave mine a good clean a couple of weeks ago using AG Engine and Machine Cleaner as I had a bottle lying around. Today I simply used a wet kitchen paper towel and it wiped straight off.
  20. fivespice

    Why did you buy an S3?

    I liked the wheels!