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    Rear Wheel Bearing - type?

    PM Sent!
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    Rear Wheel Bearing - type?

    I am overseas and away from my car, hence the request for help, so I can order parts that will be ready for me when I return. I have a noisy rear wheel bearing which I intend to fix myself. (I've done a bearings before so I know they can be a tough job) My question is whether the rear hub...
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    replacing broken dipstick pipe?????

    £3 ish from main dealer. A gentle upward twisting force is all that's needed to remove. Accessed from the top of the engine, a pair of long, angled nose pliers is ideal for the job.
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    Hi Welly I'd be really interested in reading your S3 rebuild story. Would you consider...

    Hi Welly I'd be really interested in reading your S3 rebuild story. Would you consider sending me details? Thanks S3J
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    Update on tapping noise

    A point on the standard (ie OEM) rods. They are sufficient for a standard car, running standard boost, at either 210 or 225 bhp. In all my years with turbo/high performance road cars, the ONLY time I have come across engine problems like holed pistons & bent roads is when a car has been chipped...
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    CV boot- hard to change?

    If you are doing this job on your own, without an extra pair of hands or garage lift I'd allow at least a couple of hours to do this. My best advice is to take the driveshaft off the car alltogether and hold it in a vice so you can tap off the outer CV joint, remove old boot/install new boot...
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    2002 S3 - rear wishbone bushes

    Hi Pat - how did you get on changin the bushes?
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    2002 S3 - rear wishbone bushes

    Has anyone got any experience of changing these, any tips or hints? I've done many a bush before so not looking for general advice, but anything specific to the S3 would be appreciated. Thanks
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    Cleaning my chrome tailpipes

    SILVO is excellent, have used it for years to great success. (similar product to brasso)
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    New Front Discs Juddering

    Oh and so you know - the judder was through the wheel so no doubt it was brake related and not suspension. All judder was entirely eliminated by changing the discs.
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    New Front Discs Juddering

    thought i'd give you an update. I changed the discs again....and within no time at all the same thing happened. So this time I had the discs removed and machined plus changed for a different pad & voila. So it seems the pad i had was the problem, too hard a compound perhaps. Lesson learned...
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    A6 2.4 Keeps stalling

    if it is otherwise 'driveable' i think you might have an airleak so check all airhoses, especially between the airbox and cam cover.
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    Timing Belt issues

    which engine size?
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    Breather and vacum hose sizes,help neeeded

    sorry dont have the sizes, but the way I measurem any vaccum hose is to insert a twist drill to find a snug fit - then you have the size you need.
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    S3 floor mats

    a pair of front mats from the main dealer cost me about 35 quid.
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    Air Mass Meter and Coolant Temp. Sensor

    The fault codes will remain in the memory until cleared. But this wont stop the new parts making the engine run properly. What sysmptoms did you have?
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    Slightly lumpy tickover

    Every S3 i have seen does this
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    Hot Start - revs remaining high

    Mine is a 2003 S3 and it's just started doing someting a bit funny when you hot start. It fires nio problem and cold start is normal. All other runnign characteristics seem normal. When you hot start, the revs will remain at between 1200 - 1400 for a good 30 seconds after start, instead of...
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    Michelin Pilot Sport 2 / Michelin Pilot Sport

    You've pretty much summed up the main differences vetween the PS & PS2 !!! The PS2's are what many Porsches are supplied with from the factory, I think they are an awesome all round tyre