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  1. RicoS3

    What's this? a Audi Golf RS-R3?

    I'm a die hard Audi fan and loved my S3's. I've driven both pre and facelift RS3 and they are amazing, but I still feel it's all about the engine. Now, if VW roll out an uber Golf with the 2.5 lump I'll be all over it like a horrific rash. I'm currently in the facelift Golf GTI and I am still...
  2. RicoS3

    Facelift Goodwood Festival of Speed - RS 3 launch photos

    Good photos, thanks for posting. I was always going for Nardo and having seen a few locally, thought I was sold. However, those Floret pics look great as you say with the Black pack. And it's practicality for me, so Sportback. Looks ace.
  3. RicoS3

    Audi DE posts pics of the RS3 SB FL

    She pretty...
  4. RicoS3

    2017 - S5 Incomming!

    Chimp, which broker did you go with? I'm working through a quote with Orangewheels, but I'm toying with changing over to a A5/S5 if the deals are right.
  5. RicoS3

    RS3 Saloon or Sportback

    I'm cool with those saloon pics. A small drop, possibly some spacers and that will look just fine.
  6. RicoS3

    RS3 Saloon or Sportback

    What? This statement is utter nonsense.
  7. RicoS3

    RS3 Saloon or Sportback

    I really do like the look of the saloon, but in those chops above of the SB it does look good. It is only a chop after all. I would prefer the all rounderness of the SB, but now finally in a position to buy the RS, if the saloon is first to market, then so be it.
  8. RicoS3

    No RS3 orders being taken

    Retrofit the TTRS wheel. It is lush.
  9. RicoS3

    RS3 Saloon Unveiled

    As per other thread, the (slightly) updated cabin will make a big difference and with the higher output it will be a great car. Looks-wise, not bad at all. Slightly lowered and better offset wheels and it'll be very aggressive. Front end looks great, way better than those squished, grainy...
  10. RicoS3

    No RS3 orders being taken

    Personally, I think it looks good. Was worried about the front, not so now. As ever, a slight drop, better wheels and offset and it'll look 10 times better. If they did it as a SB, I'd have that as it's more practical. But, for me, I can again buy a RS3, so I'll have one of these. In...
  11. RicoS3

    Wow thats a pricey RS3!!

    Ha, ha, ha Colin! To be fair, I do like how your front spoiler looks against the colour. I don't like the rear trim however, above the exhausts. I had the black on my previous Sprint S3 and would go black again I reckon, albeit on a different colour.
  12. RicoS3

    Wow thats a pricey RS3!!

    Might be S3Simon's cancelled order. Not sure he got as far as placing the exclusive colour order though. Alu pack too, gads.
  13. RicoS3

    2018 400+bhp RS3 Saloon confirmed ?

    Holy toledo! If that is the actual facelift and the RS3 saloon I'll eat something I'm not supposed too!! That. Is. Hideous. In the name of the wee man, did they approve this design internally or just tell them to crack on? That face is awful. Looks like a Seat trying to look like an Audi...
  14. RicoS3

    Do I stay with Audi or Switch to Porsche??

    Yip, it would be Sepang for me too, with the black pack, mirror caps as well. Tidy looking motor that. Better pics? You might say it looks like my old S3 below, but the camera always altered Sprint Blue. Most of the time I didn't even like it.
  15. RicoS3

    Do I stay with Audi or Switch to Porsche??

    My tuppence worth... I'm in a similar situation albeit will be next year. Loved my old 8P S3, had it's flaws, but was a great all-rounder. Missed out on the previous gen RS3, opting for one big car and one small car for the family (wife and 1 child). My wife and I work for the same...
  16. RicoS3

    New RS4 Saloon

    I can't find the picture online, but the artist impression in Autocar is basically the A3 Clubsport Quattro with the new A4 front. Sounds rubbish, but it looks amazing. Still got to hope for the RS3 saloon, but if not, might need to save a few more pennies for the RS4 saloon. 3.0L turboed V6...
  17. RicoS3

    Dilemma - 2015 rs3 or rs4 ltd edition

    Nice dilemma to have! Those seats are nasty in my opinion. Exclusive or not, I'd much prefer them in plain old Black. As much as I like the RS4, the new A4 is coming and the RS shouldn't be too long after that. Echo the above in that the 2.5 has a load of character, the RS3 is newer, more...
  18. RicoS3

    RS3 Saloon

    So it is. How could I forget that masterpiece.
  19. RicoS3

    RS3 Saloon

    Maybe, but why put a 420 bhp 4 pot in a TT, even for a concept if not trying to point to the future or showcase future tech? Engine sizes are coming down for all models and all manufacturers. Granted the 2.5 fits the RS3 and the TT-RS, but it's only being used in these 2 models and hasn't...
  20. RicoS3

    RS3 Saloon

    R420 will not get the 5 pot. It will however (probably? maybe?) get the 420bhp turbo 4 that was previewed in the TT 420 Quattro Sport Concept. I also anticipate that the next TT-RS may get the 420 4 pot. They'll make it sound 'better' than the Golf R/S3. If you listen to you tube vids of the...