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  1. AudiSpy

    Need advice on delivery delay

    There are shortages of chips and semiconductors that are delaying near enough all manufacturers and car builds. Doesn't help you but might be what the delay is.
  2. AudiSpy

    How many of us are bikers?? Show off your wheels.......

    Added this to the stable to go with the 99 R1. Long story short I actually sold this to the owner in 2008 when I worked in a Bike shop while at uni and always said when you're done with it let me know. And here we are!
  3. AudiSpy

    Cheap Car PCH Deals (Personal Contract Hire - Leasing)

    Can I interest anyone in this... SEAT Leon CUPRA ST 300 3 year PCH 10,000 miles a year Initial deposit - £641 36 monthly payments of £320 Choice of colour cars are in stock ready for a 20 plate. If you are interested drop me a DM or give Letchworth SEAT a call and ask for Tom (the CUPRA...
  4. AudiSpy

    Not the best first Audi purchasing experience......

    Wow a nightmare indeed, but at least you've had it sorted and hope you enjoy the new S3 :)
  5. AudiSpy

    Cheap Car PCH Deals (Personal Contract Hire - Leasing)

    A great and helpful post there chap. As i know you are a SEAT fan, the current Leon CUPRA offer on PCH is £289/£289 over 48 months!
  6. AudiSpy

    Top Gear New Series (Spoiler Alert!)

    Agreed i ended up fast forwarding that section. I almost felt sorry for Ferrari PR though knowing what has gone in that boot
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    Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor

    This. is. AWESOME!
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    Cheap Car PCH Deals (Personal Contract Hire - Leasing)

    Yup a glitch. Looked at it last night and this morning gooooone. Great spot though!
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    Waze now available in CarPlay

    A cool thing i found out the other day is that Volkswagen have put some 'GTI superdrives' routes on there for driving pleasure. You can search for them with that phrase as well. I've checked near me and actually it's correct - what a surprise! It's a good road for some fun. Remember to drive...
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    Guide to buying a Moped

    Best thing is to get one from a proper manufacturer - Yamaha, Aprillia, Honda. The Chinese bikes are utter rubbish, go wrong often and when you come to re-sell them are worthless as well. Take this from someone who spent 5 years selling motorbikes (at Honda). As for insurance MCN compare is a...
  11. AudiSpy

    Project/dream car

    Some of the most fun you can have is with a classic mini, restored one with my dad, did some light upgrades to another I had last year and still have our mini hot rod on the go - think classic mini from the windscreen back with a hot rod grille, bonnet and a V8 up front
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    Project/dream car

    Impreza P1 would be great. It will always be cool as well. How about a twin turbo Toyota Supra? I think my dream is to finish all the ones I have ha!
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    A third of Audi drivers will choose an electrified model in 2025

    What do we think to this? Audi has outlined an ambition to sell 800,000 fully electric and plug-in hybrid cars in 2025. Its updated Audi Vorsprung 2025 strategy states that there will be an electrified variant in each model series by the middle of the next decade. Most E models are expected...
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    Maserati Ghibli
  15. AudiSpy

    VTEC - worth the hype?

    Nothing beats a tuned N/A B16 though. It's all about power to weight. It would dump all over a remapped 1.9.
  16. AudiSpy

    VTEC - worth the hype?

    Heeeeeeere we go, what's next you'd beat me with a Fabia VRs with a remap? : )
  17. AudiSpy

    VTEC - worth the hype?

    It's personal preference but... yes. VTEC is a really fun drive and IS worth the hype. I am bias that my current every day car is a Civic Type R (my second FN2). Why? Because the engine is hilarious, I really like the design of the exterior, the interior is interesting and the seats are comfy...
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    Audi reveals new e-tron Vision Gran Turismo

    Audi reveals new e-tron Vision Gran Turismo Virtual race car turned into fully functioning coupe as marketing spearhead for e-tron electric car brand and Formula E involvement Audi has revealed a new four-wheel drive 805bhp electric-powered supercar to be deployed as a race taxi at selected...
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    Audi engineer leaks details of Level 6 autonomous vehicle

    During a recent conference - lead autonomous vehicle engineer Fett Lünger has let slip that Audi plans to release their latest incarnation of the self piloting vehicle later this year. We can only speculate that this will be at the MQ! Innovation Summit in November. Current vehicles are...