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  1. vivalacoulter

    It's been a blast

    Well everyone the time has come, I've had my fun and decided to find something a little more sensible. Today I traded in the trusty S5 with it's phenomenal sound track for a dirty derv. Picked up my 2014 Golf GTD today and really loving it. Thanks all for your advice and guidance. I'll be...
  2. vivalacoulter

    Service DIY

    In my S5 I use longlife oil but change it every 12 months. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. vivalacoulter

    Service DIY

    Honestly I would change the oil every twelve months. It's probably one of the most important parts of your engine maintenance.
  4. vivalacoulter

    Hello From North Wales

    Looks a lovely example! Hope you enjoy the forum.
  5. vivalacoulter

    A few issues to resolve

    Maybe a bit of WD40 and a wire brush to clean up the threads first :)
  6. vivalacoulter

    A few issues to resolve

    I never get why people leave coilers exposed when they fit them? I'd rather cut up a bike tyre inner tube, pack it with some grease and zip tie it around the bottom to protect the threads.
  7. vivalacoulter

    bit of a stupid question

    That's good then, I'd pop out today and get some oil to top up with then.
  8. vivalacoulter

    bit of a stupid question

    Yeah I think it can be pretty common, was the light red or amber?
  9. vivalacoulter


    This stuff is excellent: BG244 I've used this on my parents Jaguar XF and the petrol version on mine and my girlfriends cars, seems to do the trick.
  10. vivalacoulter

    3 Litre TDI (2005), Autobox fluid change?

    Im going through something similar now. My '09 S5 has the tiptronic box and Audi just flat out refuse to change the fluid and filter for me quoting "It's sealed for life sir!" Good local garages I trust want about £500 as the oil is so ludicrously expensive!
  11. vivalacoulter

    Steering rack leak

    Ohh hard to say I guess! The S4 will definitely feel more special, however I thought the seats in the S3 were much more comfortable. However, that V6 is very hard to get out of your head once you've been in one, my mate Joe has one and it just sounds amazing. I don't really care for going fast...
  12. vivalacoulter

    bit of a stupid question

    Are you sure it isn't the oil pressure sensor light? As a precaution I would have the sump taken off at a vag specialist near you and have the oil pickup pipe replaced, they're reasonably cheap and could save you from some considerable bills in the future. I had my old S3's pickup pipe changed...
  13. vivalacoulter

    Smart motorway

    On the M4 near Newport I've seen them go off while there was no restricted limit in place. I was doing 70mph and some guy whizzed past FLASHFLASH. So I guess those ones are always on...
  14. vivalacoulter

    Steering rack leak

    This was my old one, miss it more and more everyday! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. vivalacoulter

    Steering rack leak

    Ah sorted then! Thats a good deal. I can understand you liking the colour, I had an S3 in Dolphin Grey, what a brilliant colour. If ever I get another S3 it will have to have to same.
  16. vivalacoulter

    Steering rack leak

    Not to be dismissive but I was always told not to build a car you can buy! I would just find a replacement part for the one thats broken and enjoy it as is for a while longer. The speed bump situation where I live these days is just getting out of hand.
  17. vivalacoulter

    sports cat or decat?

    Personally I could never be bothered changing in and out cats so I just left the 200cell someone had already put on it in place. Even that had trouble on emission tests if they didn't do it straight away when I got there with the engine hot. And, you know... The environment...
  18. vivalacoulter

    B&O Sound Only Down 1 Side

    So how do you go about fixing that? I hate electronic gremlins like that.
  19. vivalacoulter

    Sill/Front arch rust issues '09 S5 (Also, new exhaust!)

    Ah that is annoying but sadly inevitable. I've actually been to an Audi bodyshop for an inspection and I'm waiting on the results back now. Thought I may as well try to get it done through them. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. vivalacoulter

    Cost New Clutch

    I'd try another garage then, any vag specialists near you? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk