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    Snow Foam

    Been using snow foam for over a decade now and while it's not a substitute for a 'proper' wash, it works for me especially during the winter when you know the car will be manky again within a few miles. Was just going to recommend the Bilt Hamber Surfex followed by their snow foam but I see...
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    Next Meet Ideas

    There's a Scottish VAG meet on Sunday 18th Nov if anyone is interested in going along - it's at the Falkirk Wheel Car Park from 11am onwards. Normally quite a few cars there - VWs mainly but some Audis, Seats and Skuds too :icon_thumright: I'll probably take a trip along anyway for a swatch!
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    Polished Bliss: Black RS4 Avant Studio Shots

    Fantastic - an incredible finish there guys :icon_thumright:
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    19" wheels - offset and size query

    I've searched but wanted to double check before I go ahead! I'm looking at a set of alloys which are 9 x 19" with an offset of ET45 and 235/35 tyres - will they fit on my Avant S Line without any probs? It's got the standard 18" Five Arm alloys on at the moment. Cheers :icon_thumright:
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    Roor Bars and DIY mods?

    Are you sure that the Audi roof bars aren't simply rebranded Thule ones? I had a look at some A3 roofbars in the dealers and they were. I ended up getting Thule ones for around £70 all in for brand new (feet and bars).
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    Detailing in Scotland

    Another recommendation for John - I'm sure he'll be on here later on if you've not PM'd him already
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    Still can't believe you travelled all that way! Nutter! :rockwoot: Knew you'd enjoy it though - and that Stoaksey would be pleased with the results - I know I was. :icon_thumright: Anyone else out there should know that John comes highly recommended! :respekt:
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    AOC open day

    Might pop along to this as well :icon_thumright:
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    BUSY WEEK PART 2 - RED A4 AVANT 1.8T 190

    Some extra pics from my camera too: The pics really don't do it justice - the extra depth to the paint and shine really have to be seen 'in the metal' - and this is without going anywhere near the car with a PC! Also - the beading and sheeting achieved with the 2ymol Carbon is...
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    BUSY WEEK PART 2 - RED A4 AVANT 1.8T 190

    I'd just like to say a massive thanks to John for all his hard efforts, help and advice with this - after the hours of hard work I've got a very shiny car to show for it (plus sunburn, a pressure washer that literally expired in a plume of smoke, and a bank balance that's looking very withered...
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    New Rims!

    You know, I've looked at the pics a few times now and still can't decide if I like them or not. They've certainly got an appeal, but I'm not sure if that's just the sheer in-yer-face size of them. Think I'd like to see them in the metal before making my mind up. At least you've given everyone...
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    Zymol silencing the public

    What a backwards attitude to take - a real own goal in terms of company PR from Zymol :no:
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    Some interesting observations on the claying mate - looks like you've got another convert now too! :D Glad to hear the holiday is going well also - hope you're enjoying that well earned drink now! :icon_thumright:
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    Servicing Costs

    Well it's back - and I've no complaints at all. Ended up bang on the quote of £295 and I even got a full bottle of Screenwash and a litre of Castrol SLX (?) for topping up included in this. They brought the car round to the front doors for me and showed me out to the car which I thought was...
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    Which spark plugs for the 1.8T 190?

    Any idea what spark plugs I need for my 1.8T 190? Cars in for a service today and they told me it could be doing with a new set - not going pay stealer prices for them so if anyone knows which type I need this would be a help! There was some mention of them being platinum plugs?? Cheers...
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    Servicing Costs

    Well mine is in there today for its 3rd AVS - was quoted £295. Will update later with my thoughts on the service received!
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    roller parcel shelf thingy!

    Never happened to me either but I can see why it would leave you sitting a couple of inches higher in your seat afterwards! :ohmy:
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    RS4 Exclusive black & white packages

    Mmmmm - lovely! I'll have one of both please! :icon_thumright:
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    Pressure Washers

    Yup - you need a standard garden hose with something like a Hozelock connector in the end to plug into the pressure washer. Looks something like this:
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    LED sidelights - which ones?

    Anyone got these? Looking for a set which won't throw up a bulb fault on the DIS - I'm assuming the 'standard' replacement LED ones will? I had a set of the PIAA ones on my old car before they became easier to get a hold of - they're a lot more expensive than other LEDs though... Cheers...