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    I think you’d have a fault code if the O2 sensor was playing up. Ring Nigel at BCS and ask for the expected life of your Cat.
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    The BCS cats are high quality. I have one too and my MOT chaps get the car hot and rev it up thoroughly before testing. So far no probs.
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    Audi S3 8PA 195kw 2008 engine ticking noise

    Are you able to decide which side of the engine the noise is coming from? If you can decide on that, you can pinpoint it using a long screwdriver. Put the tip near where the noise might be coming from and your ear on the end of the handle. It will act like a stethoscope, move it around until the...
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    Lack of power

    Assuming it is a petrol fuelled car, you may have a diverter valve with a rubber diaphragm. The rubber can split causing these symptoms to occur.
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    S3 8P Front Brake Calliper Mounting Bolts

    Thank you for the link, however, it won’t open for me.
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    S3 8P Front Brake Calliper Mounting Bolts

    Hi, I’m about to change the front discs on my s3 8P. I have the Haynes manual but it does not include the S3. Can anyone tell me the correct tightening torque for the calliper carrier to hub bolts? Thank you.
  7. prt57

    Wiper service position not working

    We have a TT from 2008 and the service position can only be accessed from the Dash info system. No chance of ignition on then off followed by one push down on the stalk. The stalk method seems to be on lower spec models?
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    Short shifter (A3 8P)

    I think you need to do more research if you just think it is below the air filter and are not sure. After installing you will have to do a gear cable reset and so you need to know how to do that as well. The S3 shifter is shorter than the standard A3 so a 2nd hand one might a be a good option...
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    Knocking when driver door is shut

    Sometimes sounds can appear to come from a particular location. To begin with, have someone close door whilst you pinpoint the origin of the noise. As far as I am aware there is no reason for a knocking noise from the underside or the rear when the door is closed unless something is loose and...
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    HPFP failure/testing

    Although it has not worn through, I’d still replace it with a new genuine cam follower. Once the black coating has gone the metal underneath wears away quickly. 10Nm on the three torx holding the pump on. Do not over tighten. The in feed for the pump is the rubber hose underneath. Sometimes...
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    S3 misfire

    Glad to be of service sir!!
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    S3 misfire

    I suggest you ask the same question on TFSI tuning Facebook.
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    S3 misfire

    Have you every had the injectors checked? I realise it is only at certain revs but it could be that one injector has a partial blockage that is just good enough for most of the rev range but not at the critical point. The fact that it is OK when the “choke” is off could indicate fuelling issues
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    help needed with a3 Sportback fwd Engine Swap

    I think the main issue is the less hard inlet camshaft lobe material, especially if you are planning to fit an uprated HPFP. The hard lines to the pump are more of a nuisance when changing the cam follower as it’s tricky undoing the banjo bolt compared to just moving the pump on the BWA as the...
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    1.8 TFSI - High oil usage

    I’d start by trying the 5W-40 grade of oil. You did not mention what is currently fitted. It certainly helped with our TT that is a bit thirsty for oil. Shell helix ultra is what I use
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    help needed with a3 Sportback fwd Engine Swap

    I would avoid the AXX engine as fitted to the early Mk 5 GTi. Reports of a softer fuel pump camshaft lobe. Also, the pipework to the fuel pump on the AXX engine are hard metal pipes. This makes it difficult to change the fuel pump cam follower whereas on the BWA and onwards a flexible rubber...
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    Rev D vs Reg G Diverter valves - and BOV issues....

    Try AKS tuning for the part
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    Rev D vs Reg G Diverter valves - and BOV issues....

    Most people recommend a genuine Rev G. As mentioned, they don’t leak until they tear. However, to put it into perspective, I put a new Rev G into our standard tune TT K03 turbo at about 25k miles. I changed it for peace of mind at 85k miles. No apparent damage to it so it could have gone further
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    Back with A3 8pA, recent road trip & breakdown

    Your MR2 shows you like to make your cars personal to you and so your journey needs to start with the A3. For me to bond with a car, I have to have done work on it. Mainly mechanical improvements or maintenance. I prefer my cars to look standard but go quickly! But a car is bought for a purpose...
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    Rust warranty proposition

    Which ever way you go, the car will need paintwork so you are stuck. In my experience of nearly 50 years of messing with cars, it is very difficult to totally get rid of rust and sometime down the line it may return. I was faced with this on our red Mk 4 Golf where the rust came around the...