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  1. SneakaFreaka83

    RS3 on Pistonheads

    Proper let down ... end of... 40k for that you have to be having a giraffe... Audi needed to step up there game in the top end market to compete with the other big boys and have not done so.... big FAIL IMO:banghead:
  2. SneakaFreaka83

    A few pics of my baby .....I hope you like?...

    cheers for that ash mate... been soooo busy but yep watch this space as I have some nice plans for it.... ... ...
  3. SneakaFreaka83

    New Sline needs attention

    shocking fella.... your going to have a word or 2 to them i hope?...
  4. SneakaFreaka83

    Review: Weitec Hicon GTs

    .. be gd to see how yours is sitting mate as had the same coilovers fitted last month and really happy with them.. fitted by AMD and they did a wicked job.. although I may be looking to lower it a tad more...
  5. SneakaFreaka83

    Gave the car its winter perp yesterday.

    sorry didnt mean to put ?...... but !!! ha..
  6. SneakaFreaka83

    Gave the car its winter perp yesterday.

    looks lovely mate.. gd job?..
  7. SneakaFreaka83

    Picked an A3 up today

    welcome to ASN buddy enjoy .. any chance of throwing up a few pics for us ......
  8. SneakaFreaka83

    Not the best picture for advert...

    haha thats classic haha:laugh:
  9. SneakaFreaka83

    Slammed euro look

    your best bet is to get some entry level coilovers bro.... check out DPM website you prob get a a set for 400 (you going to fit them yourself ? as add another 150-200 for fitting othewise, plus wheel alignment costs)then use the rest and try and get a wheel tyre package but 600 for wheels and...
  10. SneakaFreaka83

    Slammed euro look

    is your budget 1000 all in mate?.. if so you will be pushed to get on getting either some wheels and half decent tyres or coilovers.... air bags are def out of the q with that budget I am afraid mate... some other peeps I am sure will give some other advice but hope that helps...
  11. SneakaFreaka83

    my new car :-)

    well clean motor there mate.. gd luck with it and enjoy...
  12. SneakaFreaka83

    RS3 Replica any one?

    .... geez.. what a pile of poop..... haha
  13. SneakaFreaka83

    PICS of coilovers fitted at last!

    looking well nice and low dude as a few peeps have already said im also not a lover of the badge but its your car and if you like it that is all that matters.. I just believe less is more.... looking forward to seeing the new wheels on mate...
  14. SneakaFreaka83


    welcome to ASN fella... liking the S4 and looking forward to seeing what plans ya have for it..
  15. SneakaFreaka83

    Hi, thanks for having me!

    welcome to ASN bro.. any pics of ya motor?..
  16. SneakaFreaka83

    Latest mod...

    sorry to see that bro... one word springs to mind... C**TS!!!!!!!! hope you get it sorted mate..
  17. SneakaFreaka83

    Finally, I can see progress....

    gd job notch...just lower her and your be there..
  18. SneakaFreaka83

    The Beast & Graffiti...

    nice motor mate but TERRIBLE graffitti....
  19. SneakaFreaka83

    Hello everybody...

    .... looking forward to that . haha...:eyebrows:
  20. SneakaFreaka83

    Opinions TTRS

    not my cuppa tea at all and especially not for that price ....:no: