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  1. SteveTDCi

    A4 2l TFSi Quattro Sline queries

    just use a genuine vag filter, either audi or tps, (trade part services) although not all tps branches will deal with the public. As for oil, i just use Quantum.
  2. SteveTDCi

    A4 2l TFSi Quattro Sline queries

    New onthe left, old on the right. I think ours has been changed. We replaced one at work on a Octavia and it had worn a hole onthe top of it.
  3. SteveTDCi

    A4 2l TFSi Quattro Sline queries

    PCV is easy to do, it sits just under the engine cover, it's a couple of bolts. The part is around £40. The fuel cam follower wears, if you Google rtech tfsi all of the common issues will show up. Again it's easy to swap, you need to undo a couple of pipes, release the pressure from the fuel...
  4. SteveTDCi

    A4 2l TFSi Quattro Sline queries

    don't forget the fuel cam follower, athough the engine is belt driven so don't think the tensioner is a problem. The dv and pcv should be changed though asap.
  5. SteveTDCi

    What have you done to your Audi A4 B7 today?

    i feel your pain working in the rain, i've just spent n hour in it swapping a fuel hose on a 306 hdi, it connects the filler neck to the tank. my only shelter was the wheel arch. Anyway our b7 gained apple carplay. i'm quite impressed with it, although 30 minutes after getting it all in the...
  6. SteveTDCi

    S4 .... should I ?

    I'm toying with the idea of an S4, i feel that now is the time to cross a V8 off the bucket list, i'm currently running about in a Cooper S clubman that I love but feel I need to get something bigger and automatic. We also have a mk1 TT Roadster and a B7 TFsi auto .. So for those that own or...
  7. SteveTDCi

    A liitle article on the subject of upsizing wheels and tyres on your car.

    Our a4 has 19" replicas and although they fill the arch well and the ride is quite good I'm trying to find a decent set of 17/18's for it.
  8. SteveTDCi

    Ok then chaps, lets talk rubber, well you know what i mean....

    Uniroyal rain sport 3 for me, I have them on the mini, they were on the Saab and they will go on the TT. They will go on the a4 too unless I go for budget nexens
  9. SteveTDCi

    I thought the 2.0tfsi engine was good ...

    I thought the 2.0 tfsi engine was a good lump and after owning a Leon Cupra I know how well they go, but after reading about oil pump, pick up pipes and balance shaft issues I'm half tempted to not bother with the A4 I'm about to buy for the wife. I'm tempted to just put it on eBay and not...
  10. SteveTDCi

    What have you done to your Audi A4 B7 today?

    Haven't done anything ..... We'll I guess if the wife likes it - but she said she wanted a cheap automatic -albeit fiesta sized.... She's getting an A4 2.0 tfsi multitronic ... SE. It's grey and on 19's and has got aftermarket led look lights - I think they might be coming off. Oh actually I...
  11. SteveTDCi

    Poor MPG Tdi 140

    mine was crap, it averaged 37 mpg or there abouts, my previous golf was much better. I don't think short trips and diesels are a good combination if i'm honest and the DIS was hopeless it was quoting an average of 44mpg.
  12. SteveTDCi

    Conversion from pre-facelift double grill bumper to facelift S-line bumper

    you can probably use your exisitng audi badge but yes you will need an sline badge if you don't have one already. It just clips in, postage will be by interlink assuming your within standard shipping zones :)
  13. SteveTDCi

    Conversion from pre-facelift double grill bumper to facelift S-line bumper

    yeah I can get a pic up sometime tomorrow, its an Sline grill but does not have the audi or sline badge with it as they went with the car ( i had a caracutare one) but does have the chrome surround on it It looks like this though ...
  14. SteveTDCi

    Conversion from pre-facelift double grill bumper to facelift S-line bumper

    let me know if you want an S Line grill, I have one in the garage £25 posted as i want rid of the dam thing
  15. SteveTDCi

    Fancy a wheel colour change - BBS CK in Black to match theme

    satin black, i'm not keen on wheels that have bits painted different colours, it seems to make them look smaller ? car looks great btw :)
  16. SteveTDCi


    i paid £60 to have mine replaced and that included the parts, undoing the hub nut can be tight and getting it back done up can be just as bad. If its been undone before you might want to change the stretch bolt too.
  17. SteveTDCi

    iPhone 4...

    looks like they are upgradging the 3gs too, I wonder what you have to do to get the 4g at $199 or the 3g at $99 ....
  18. SteveTDCi

    Beautiful face or beautiful body???

    surley the forum should decide that ? :)