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  1. willh92

    TDI Tuning Box - Anyone Used it?

    Yeah I've read 2+2 is a bit more tame and I'll probably settle for that as it's my daily and don't want to ruin my clutch!
  2. willh92

    TDI Tuning Box - Anyone Used it?

    Waiting for my DTUK to be delivered - what setting are you running on yours? Planning to try a few out, but I'm not patient enough to try all of the combinations!
  3. willh92

    Carista OBD2. Sale price £10

    Probably wait for them to drop the price again!
  4. willh92

    S1 DEAD

    It's frustrating cos you'd think these cars would be built to take a hammering, but if you do look on the Facebook S1 owners page as JDB refers to, loads of people have had things break even on standard power! I think they cut corners and saved money where possible to the detriment of the...
  5. willh92

    Exhaust options

    What shop was this? And as for warranty, they will use it to say it increased power therefore that's why whatever part it is broke. Obviously not going to refuse warranty work on something like a headlight because of an exhaust, but anything drive train they will. Clutch being the main one, CV...
  6. willh92

    Carista OBD2. Sale price £10

    It should do, yeah. On their website they list compatible vehicles but I'm sure it will work.
  7. willh92

    Exhaust options

    Currently debating the mid silencer delete on mine - it's like an on going 6 month long debate of mine haha mostly cos of invalidating the warranty. Loads of posts on here about it, but basically I've been quoted £220 by EMP to have it done which I understand is about right although I'm sure...
  8. willh92

    Debadge S1, make it as look normal as possible. 4 steps. Help needed

    Boiling water over the rear badge and it will peel off - always worked for me! DRL's - from 2011 it's a legal requirement to have DRL's for homologation purposes on all new models launched. That'll be why Audi wouldn't deactivate. However, you can probably do it if you really want to ... You...
  9. willh92

    Carista OBD2. Sale price £10

    Went well! Activated mirrors to fold on lock / unfold on ignition ON. Also used it to activate a few things on my girlfriend's A1, one being the mirror dip on reverse - she'll still kerb the wheels no doubt. Anything else can be done on S1's? I had a look through the Carista menu but most of...
  10. willh92

    Carista OBD2. Sale price £10

    Just ordered one of these to activate folding mirrors on lock in my S1.
  11. willh92

    My S1 Build

    Is your boot wrapped matte black?
  12. willh92

    My S1 Order.

    Congrats on the order! Sounds like a good spec, very similar to mine except colour! I think you can see the rubber boot mat on the Audi store page, along with all the other accessories for the A1 / S1 that they sell.
  13. willh92

    My S1 Build

    Lower springs would put more strain on the shocks though, and they'd eventually give up earlier than at standard height. It does look a lot better for being an inch lower though! Spacers next?
  14. willh92

    Any S1 owners missing S-Tronic?

    They couldnt the fit the s tronic box in the shell, they might do it with the next gen A1/S1. We shall see! I'd have chosen the S-tronic option if it were available, having driven a few audis with it, it's definitely better! Plus you'd get launch control ;). Having said that, I love the S1...
  15. willh92

    Retrofit Bigger Rear Spoiler from Quattro Ext Pack?

    Yeah, the 4 door one has the cut out bit in the middle as a clearance feature to the Ariel as the Ariel couldn't be packaged in to the shell of the car like in the 3 door one, headroom issues I'm guessing. As a result it actually ended up looking much better than the 3 door one IMO!
  16. willh92

    aitp9 August 13th 2017 Deene Park, Corby, Northamptonshire (Discussion Thread)

    I probably won't make it over til about 11am - can I still park on the club stand at that time?
  17. willh92

    What have you done today?

    Cheers I'll try sneaking the Mrs hairdryer out the house! They definitely show up worst on black cars!
  18. willh92

    What have you done today?

    Profusely polished a small bird poo stain - any tips to get rid of the mark left behind? Luckily it's not in a very visible spot ...
  19. willh92

    Forge Turbo Inlet Hose

    I went for the Revo one instead in the end, pleased with the results and looks great under the bonnet - nice and subtle!