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  1. Garrett 69

    (moved from general chat) = stick or trade 2017 A4 Avant Allroad with 213k km's?

    If you think about it, he's actually going to be worse off is he sells it because his newer car with lower mileage will have gone up in price at a greater rate than his current car. I remember a guy I used to work with boasting that he bought his first house for £47k and sold it for £80k a few...
  2. Garrett 69

    Manual v Auto DSG change

    Personally I prefer manual. Much more reliable and cheaper to repair if it does go wrong.
  3. Garrett 69

    Fastest rs3 2022 8y in country draggy times???

    Assuming he makes it that far. Judging by this thread so far, I'd wager he'll be wrapped around a tree or lamppost before long.....
  4. Garrett 69

    VED Reclassification

    MEHV-gate scandal coming up......
  5. Garrett 69

    Fastest rs3 2022 8y in country draggy times???

    Not wishing to enter a todger waving battle but I am an ex-BTCC driver matey.
  6. Garrett 69

    Fastest rs3 2022 8y in country draggy times???

    Waving your todger won't impress many here. Most of us are past the teenage testosterone age.
  7. Garrett 69

    Functions on demand.

    I think the only function on demand I'd want to see in the car is the ability to shut back seat drivers up.
  8. Garrett 69

    Anyone Here? A1 A38 South Fradley

    She's the fit redhead if you want to tell her the car needs a clean :whistle2:
  9. Garrett 69

    It's still knocking

    Cambelt tensioner?
  10. Garrett 69

    Oil Type 35 TFSI

    Anything they can do to get the emissions down in the factory lol. And people wonder why engines don't last the mileage they used to. IMEO, 0w20 is too thin for anything other than a highly tuned engine.
  11. Garrett 69

    What type of coolant?

    OAT or HOAT, that's all you need to worry about. If in doubt of what is in there, drain and refill.
  12. Garrett 69

    My Porsche 996 Carrera 4

    Not my cup of tea at all but if it floats your boat. At least you're not one of those city banker tossers who don't have a clue :joycat:
  13. Garrett 69

    Anybody else into their music production?

    As I used to be a professional DJ, I still dabble occasionally with Serato.
  14. Garrett 69

    Washer filling nozzle.

    If you're using screenwash diluted with water, is the mesh really necessary?
  15. Garrett 69

    Coolant Level Sensor

    Normally I'd expect to find it somewhere around the head of the radiator.
  16. Garrett 69

    Anyone Here? A1 A38 South Fradley

    If it was you, the fit redhead, please clean off the smudges and fingerprints :whistle2:
  17. Garrett 69

    Approved Used Warranty

    Yes but those warranties transfer with ownership change.
  18. Garrett 69

    soft/light clutch pedal

    It sounds like the hydraulic system has lost pressure which could mean the slave cylinder is knackered, assuming it is hydraulic rather than cable.
  19. Garrett 69

    Bolt in Tyre Valves

    I've used the Team Dynamics Flush Fit valves on OZ, Momo and Fox alloys in the past and they've proven pretty good. IIRC, they were about £25 a set.
  20. Garrett 69

    Approved Used Warranty

    And yet the likes of Kia are still offering 5 and 7 years......