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  1. gtiller

    New A7 review 4 months in....disappointing.

    I drive in Efficiency. When I get back in the car, it still says Efficiency, but the Gear display drops back to D instead of E I have to cycle back through the modes to get the E back again. I do a 150 mike commute (mainly motorway) each day and can say that Efficiency D is around 5 miles per...
  2. gtiller

    New A7 review 4 months in....disappointing.

    Yes, I turned off as much of the assistance as I could! LOL
  3. gtiller

    New A7 review 4 months in....disappointing.

    Had pre sense stop the car twice on the way to work in the week. SCARY!!!! Both occasions I was driving into bright sunshine, doing about 15-20 mph in traffic. I’d only experienced pre sense beeping and flashing at me prior to that!!!
  4. gtiller

    New A7 review 4 months in....disappointing.

    @Wippers I'm six months and 12k miles in on the same spec car. Your summary applies exactly to me too... other than the fact that my drivers side window also rolls down on a semi regular basis as well as everything else. Gearbox is the most upsetting aspect, as I know how good the ZF8 can be...
  5. gtiller

    Buying An Audi A7 tomorrow

    @Kashee be interesting to know what you go for. I’d also interested to hear if the ride around town is more comfortable too!
  6. gtiller

    Presense issues - scary!

    @Wippers - it flashes and beeps on the Dash, and vibrates through the accelerator pedal.
  7. gtiller

    Presense issues - scary!

    Yep, mine does it, same place, same road every week. No cars or people nearby. Road is slightly curved to the right, and there is a lamp post on the left opposite the apex of the curve - that’s the only thing I can narrow it down to.
  8. gtiller

    2018 A7 Gearbox tune review

    I have a similar frustration with the laggy auto box in my brand new A7. I know it could be a million times better, as they use the same box in the RS6 and RS7 plus in Beemers and the Volvo Polestar that I’ve just come out of. It’s annoying that it’s just the tune that is holding it back. I...
  9. gtiller

    mag ride

    Yes, when it's 'off' the shock is actually softer than the non mag ride suspension - one of the reasons I specced it on my car. It's 'off' in Efficency In Auto you can feel the shocks stiffen up as you steer hard into bends, or brake heavily into a roundabout
  10. gtiller

    mag ride

    Mag ride is on or off - it is a metal loaded fluid inside the shocks that changes status when a current is passed through it. There is no halfway state possible with this setup.
  11. gtiller

    Stop-Start Poll

    I voted "No, I turn it off as soon as I start the car" ...actually I disabled it in VCDS. I find it a poor match with DSG and hill hold assist - and actually pretty dangerous. I have seen two cars totalled because they have gone for gaps on roundabouts, but hadn't factored in having to wait for...
  12. gtiller

    Fixed Forum change?

    Über annoying now they are between posts :-(
  13. gtiller

    Watchdog Rogue Traders - Audi S3 sale

    If I remember rightly, there was someone from the BBC sniffing around on this forum a couple of months ago looking to borrow an S3
  14. gtiller

    engine start/stop button

    Yep - that and the folding back seat split are clear cost saving measures... GRRRRRR!
  15. gtiller

    S3 s-tronic gearbox failure

    I have had a few cars with DSG boxes, and not had a single issue up until now. It hasn't put me off at all, but I do change my car between three and four years. I am not sure I would buy a second hand car with DSG that's out of warranty. To be fair, Poole Audi have so far been absolutely...
  16. gtiller

    S3 s-tronic gearbox failure

    Yep! Had this error pop up on Sunday night when I was driving home from visiting family: Only had 1st and 3rd gear. Went to Audi on Monday morning who said they'd do some checks. Confirmed on Monday afternoon that I need a new gearbox (covered under warranty, as car is 18 months old) The box...
  17. gtiller

    Whose had a payout on GAP insurance?

    I went with Audi's GAP insurance when I bought the car. I appreciate it's probably twice the price of some of the others, but I was so pleased with the quality of service that I went back to them twice since!
  18. gtiller

    Whose had a payout on GAP insurance?

    Yes, after someone t-boned my year old S4 which was stationary at the time. It was about £5k which was the difference between the insurance pay-out and the cost to buy a new one with the same options. There were no questions asked, and it was a smooth process.
  19. gtiller

    8V S3 Tuning Thread

    I got an atmospheric one, and took it off because it sounds awful. It really amplifies the issue that Audi won't admit to AS DISCUSSED HERE Definitely makes a difference between the gears - but it's marginal on a DSG car in my opinion.
  20. gtiller

    Keyless entry only for front?!

    What's makes it more annoying is the fact that all the stuff is in VCDS to code it... it's just the coils in the door handles that aren't there - probably the cheapest components of the whole setup!