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  1. thomaslewis

    Audi A3 8Y Issues

    Do you know, now you’ve mentioned this. They didn’t even mention it when I picked the car up. I’ll email my service advisor and see if they even checked it.
  2. thomaslewis

    What have you done to your 8Y today?

    No unfortunately not. I had tried to get the RS animation in the rear when I first got the car, however, similar to many people with the sportback it did not work. But something I did has now got it working when it did not before. I have spoken with AA10DEN, but unfortunately we cannot...
  3. thomaslewis

    RS3 Full Scan/Autoscan

    Hope someone may be able to help, I am wondering if someone happens to have a full scan of all adaptations taken through ODIS/VCDS (specifically 09 - Central Electrics) I am trying to find the specific adaptation to be able to change the headlight DRL design. I have seen that it is possible to...
  4. thomaslewis

    S3 basic spec

    I’m pretty sure unless you have specified ACC or have the MHEV/PHEV it won’t be eligible for FoD, as it utilises the specific radar required for distance control for recuperation. Every A3 has a radar for the PreSense, however, it is a basic version in this case not capable of the distance...
  5. thomaslewis

    What have you done to your 8Y today?

    While being very impatient waiting for AA10DEN to reply regarding the RS3 headlight animation/flag DRL I went about trying to find the function, and accidentally got the RS Tail light animation on the A3 Sportback working. Had this coding before: 09 - Central Electrics Adaptations...
  6. thomaslewis

    What have you done to your 8Y today?

    I’ve sent you a message on Insta :)
  7. thomaslewis

    What have you done to your 8Y today?

    yes definitely - I managed to bag a lifetime pro subscription for £15 back in 2016 so I’m good to go!
  8. thomaslewis

    What have you done to your 8Y today?

    How did you do this? I’d be very interested!
  9. thomaslewis

    What have you done to your 8Y today?

    Do you mean on the RS3 or on the A3?
  10. thomaslewis

    Audi A3 8Y Issues

    Yes I did, however, I couldn’t get an appointment until March 15th! I told them back in December and they said “We will look at it”
  11. thomaslewis

    B&O rear sub wet fart noise

    My car has been in 3 times for rattling, sub efficacy, distortion and after 3 times the service team has gotten fed up and now have pretty much told me they won’t be looking at the issue anymore. “Just turn the music down”, “I think you need to lower your expectations”, “You want more than what...
  12. thomaslewis

    Extended Ambient Light Pack - Gone?

    That looks really good! Is this compatible with the MMI ambient light menu or is it completely separate? I have the ambient light pack but hate the fact that the footwell lights are just white…
  13. thomaslewis

    Audi A3 8Y Issues

    I have noticed this before but as this is my first time having Matrix headlights I thought it must have been a quirk of the system! (November 2021 Build)
  14. thomaslewis

    Q5 2022 Q5 MMI Touchscreen Replacement

    The screen in my Q5 2022 has become damaged of my own doing so wouldn’t be able to replace via warranty. I’ve got the part number for it and have found some used parts that have come out to crashed vehicles. But my question is, if I install this screen, will it have to be configured to the...
  15. thomaslewis

    A3 slowing on its own

    From my experience they do not illuminate, I always look in my rear view mirror when the regen braking is active, even when it’s at its strongest coming to a junction, I do not see any brake lights in reflection of peoples registration plates behind me until I begin physically braking.
  16. thomaslewis

    New issues to add to the "list" (parking brake and "park" gear button)

    My car is also going in for warranty works soon which includes the same door rattling and high pitched cracking of the B&O speakers. I took it back in March for this, but they told me they were unable to recreate the issue so it remained unresolved, but it’s just gotten worse and worse since.
  17. thomaslewis

    Q5 Air con CAUSING screen mist

    I was stumped for a very long time, it wasn’t until I got out of the car once to check I realised
  18. thomaslewis

    Q5 Air con CAUSING screen mist

    Usually this happens as the windscreen is so cold it actually causes the moisture in the air outside to condense on the windscreen, I have seen it on my car a few times but I noticed it even more so when I was living in Dubai. Next time this happens, just put the wipers on a once cycle and it...
  19. thomaslewis

    What have you done to your 8Y today?

    Just fitted my 1p blue footwell lights from AliExpress. It looks very good matches the OEM colour well, just such a shame that Audi cheaped out and didn’t go for the multicolour lights like other models. I wonder if there is any way of retrofitting this functionality but I can imagine it would...
  20. thomaslewis

    Leather wear already?

    My Edition 1 is just under 9 months old, only done 5000 miles but this is already happening to the driver side seat bolster? This is my first car with leather seats and I know they do wear down over time but I feel like this short amount of time is like ridiculous, the peeling and the creasing...