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  1. HelenB

    For Sale A4 B6 Passenger door mirror in silver

    Passenger door mirror (electric) in silver for A4 B6 saloon or Avant. Good condition, just very minor scratch/scuff on cover, nothing major. £15 posted.
  2. HelenB

    For Sale A4 B6 Saloon/Avant Front Passenger Door Skin Silver £10

    A4 B6 2001-2004 Front passenger door in silver. Fits saloon or estate, not cabriolet. Good condition, no dents or rust. Very minor surface scratch here and there but hard to spot. Door has been stripped of everything except the exterior door handle and inner locking mechanism. Lower blade trim...
  3. HelenB

    Right Rear ABS sensor fubard. Bolt rusted. MOT TIME! Ahhhhhh!

    I know what you mean, it is satisfying to do it yourself and worth it afterwards, even with the swearing. Mine is at 251k miles now so little victories mean a lot as it doesn't make much sense throwing too much money at it, garage labour costs being the worst. The Bosch sensor was £30 (numbers...
  4. HelenB

    Right Rear ABS sensor fubard. Bolt rusted. MOT TIME! Ahhhhhh!

    Actually I think you can just prise the shroud off that screw No2 once the bolt No1 is removed. Just be careful not to snap the plastic.
  5. HelenB

    Right Rear ABS sensor fubard. Bolt rusted. MOT TIME! Ahhhhhh!

    I can't remember struggling with the plastic wire shroud fittings, I think I used a torx bit and socket/ratchet handle on it. I also can't remember if lowering/raising the hub with a jack gives more room for that screw? A helper is advisable for feeding in the new sensor wiring (one person from...
  6. HelenB

    Hit 250k today!

    This is the cheapy basic scanner I have and it definitely turns the warning light out when you delete the codes :
  7. HelenB

    Hit 250k today!

    Well the light went out after two short journeys once the egr pipe was reconnected. I do have a cheap <£20 scanner to turn the light off if needed but it seems to sort itself out where this code is concerned.
  8. HelenB

    Hit 250k today!

    I'm pretty sure it will go out on its own when egr tube reconnected. The light occasionally goes out on its own even with egr disabled. I'll try it tomorrow and let you know.
  9. HelenB

    Hit 250k today!

    I've been running with the egr disabled for ages now thanks to good advice on here and have had no ill effects - it does reduce the oily mess a lot, and nice to know the engine is not breathing in its own farts and clogging up turbo vanes etc. Just need to put up with the dash light. I know you...
  10. HelenB

    Hit 250k today!

    My "not particularly cherished" in the past 2004 TDI 100 AVB engine just hit 250,000 miles today! Proud of the old girl. I've not actually had it long but I know the previous 2 owners. I know there are many out there with 300k but I'm very pleased with this for now! I've spent a fair bit of time...
  11. HelenB

    HELP! windscreen demister

    10 years+ later and this thread helped me too! Photos great, thanks Markyzs180 and co. Just moved the green linkage manually to allow windscreen demisting all winter - not up for spending any more on 250,000 mile the old beast now, unless strictly necessary!
  12. HelenB

    Air Con compressor replacement 2004 A4 B6 1.9TDi (130)

    Also : As long as the physicalities are the same as the one you're replacing (bolt holes, pulley ribs, plug type etc) you should be fine.
  13. HelenB

    2001 S4 Avant on new Wheeler Dealers Monday 7th

    It's on YouTube now :
  14. HelenB

    2001 S4 Avant on new Wheeler Dealers Monday 7th

    Haha! I haven't had chance to watch it yet but it sounds a bit disappointing! Never mind...
  15. HelenB

    Contempt shown to Audi Drivers on the road

    It also works the other way - my female friend I got the B6 Avant from now has a little Yaris and suddenly gets beeped at for no good reason which never happened in the Audi and generally bullied more. Despite her driving in the same way, same style, on exactly the same roads and journey times...
  16. HelenB

    Money Pit, Scrap or Repair?

    Same boat as me really! The grass isn't greener unless you can buy a much younger car! I would only be swapping it for another cheap old car and better the devil you know. As long as I can keep doing the odd bits myself that need doing I'll just run it until it gives up. But I agree with Damian...
  17. HelenB

    M.o.t Woes!!!

    Interesting, I've just put an undertray back on mine which thankfully hasn't been missing long - if nothing else to protect the parts in the engine bay, but it will keep the dirt, worst of the heavy rain, salt in winter etc off the underside! Are you reinstating the trays now to keep it in good...
  18. HelenB

    Money Pit, Scrap or Repair?

    Agreed there will always be someone who will buy it for more than scrap value, especially when you've put a lot of new parts on it already. The Car Throttle channel on YouTube showing the Mk1 Octavia tdi with 400k and the A4 tdi with 540k is raising the profile of the older tdis and many won't...
  19. HelenB

    Opinions on my wheels

    Too BMW-esque? Haha