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  1. piglet14

    Aftermarket replacement manifold for swirl flap fault

    If it's the ones from Poland, then yes, no complaints, engineering looked good and it cleared the swirl flap fault.
  2. piglet14

    3.0tdi intake removal and clean..

    I did mine when I changed the manifolds. I had remap & EGR delete, and blanked the EGR port. The turbo duct was clean & shiny up to where the EGR T's in, from there on it was all thick tar. The duct work I did in caustic soda, the replacement manifolds were clean anyway but the 24 valve ports...
  3. piglet14

    Cheapest place to buy car battery ?

    Think it was a 019 that I fitted in the 3.0tdi and it is too long, sits on the AC pipes at one end
  4. piglet14

    3.0 TDI Oil Question

    I bought a 20l cube of VW/Audi 507 Quantum from TPS for 60 odd quid. That's what I would hope to be given with a main agent service, without all the market branding!
  5. piglet14

    Advice on tow bar fitting for B7 A4 Estate S-Line

    Yeup, I self fitted, first detachable kit I bought from an Italian manufacturer, I sent back because the detachable mechanism was rubbish. Ended up buying a used fixed which wasn't for an S-line and the swan neck fouled the bumper slightly, the S-line has a sort of double chin, anyway I made it...
  6. piglet14

    3.0 tdi cleaning cylinder heads???

    Good luck with the walnuts! I had the EGR deleted with a ST1 remap, fitted a home made plate (baked bean tin) No flat spots or hesitancy, happy daze.
  7. piglet14

    3.0 tdi cleaning cylinder heads???

    I cleaned all my ports when I did my EGR blank/delete. Fiddly & time consuming, but I used diesel, paint brush & cloth. & fingers
  8. piglet14

    Lower front arm tool

    Thanks for the reply, I did try a few sharp blows,,, before the air chisel. With the hub on the bench I cut the arm away and popped the taper in the vice, then pushed the bush back home. Still looking for a good separator for the other side though.
  9. piglet14

    Lower front arm tool

    I've had a nightmare time picking apart the front suspension without the right tools. The rear lower I managed with a 19mm fork but the scissor I bought for the front won't go into place. Can anyone specify a separator for the front lower? Thanks
  10. piglet14

    Bottom ball joint help please

    So, changing front lower control arm, without a ball joint separator and I've pushed the steel insert half way out. 1. Can someone send me link for a separator that will work. 2. How to proceed from here, with insert half in/half out? Thanks
  11. piglet14

    Generic 12N bypass relay?

    Morning all, Can't avoid having a towbar any longer. His anyone had success with a universal bypass relay? Trying to avoid coding, not worried about extra features, just need basic trailer lights. Thanks
  12. piglet14

    Cheapest place to buy car battery ?

    I bought eBay item No. 180840809877 for the 3.0Tdi Same size as the original & works fine. £80 delivered.
  13. piglet14

    Is this common knowledge?

    My cars back together so here is a web photo showing the filter clipped into the end of the induction tube where it clips onto the air box. Part No. 8E0129054
  14. piglet14

    Is this common knowledge?

    Recycling a 7 year old thread! Air intake pre-filter mesh, reading above I'm wondering if these are on 3.0tdi only. Mines looking tatty so I've ordered a replacement. It's tempting to remove it, but it does stop leaves & insects cluttering up the air box, however it does need regularish...
  15. piglet14

    Dash cam power from overhead panel?

    As title, is there a 12v source in the overhead panel I can tap into? Thanks
  16. piglet14

    Which oil should we be using?

    I bought a 20l 'box' of Quantum from TPS to the spec in the handbook. This is the VAG approved stuff and the price on 20l was quite acceptable, around 60 quid.
  17. piglet14

    3.0Tdi battery tray

    It doesn't have a strap, just a clamp at the bottom that you can't see without stripping away all the plumbing & wiring!
  18. piglet14

    3.0Tdi battery tray

    Thanks, should have bought a shorter battery then.
  19. piglet14

    3.0Tdi battery tray

    Just fitting a new battery, and what a fight that is. Anyway, there is no tray as such and the battery is hard on the A/C pipes running underneath. Is this correct? The car has always been main agent serviced and I would guess it's the original battery. Car is a S-line Quattro Avant auto. Thanks