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  1. andy1

    2010 audi s3 wont start

    hi i tried starting my car earlier today and it took aboit 10 seconds to turn over and a brake warning light came up on the dash. i turned it in and off and the car started and ran as it normaly would. i went back out after work and the same happened again but now it wont start. theres a...
  2. andy1

    best place for replacement key.

    hi ive lost one of my audi s3 keys. do i need to go to audi if not wheres the best place to get a replacement ? regards Andy
  3. andy1

    cylinder 3 fouling plugs

    Hi i currently own an Audi s3 8p running stage 2+ and just over 3k miles ago it developed a misfire in cylinder 3 that turned out to be a foul spark plug. My mechanic had some difficulty removing the plug at the time and now im having the exact same issue Does anyone know what my problem could...
  4. andy1

    Fill up for stage 2+ remap ?

    Just fill it up you wont be long using it
  5. andy1

    oil low. can i top uo with castrol magnatec 10w40 ?

    Hi i have a 2010 audi s3 stage 2+. The car is low on oil and i have 2l of castrol 10w40. Could i use it to top up until i get it serviced in the next few days ?
  6. andy1

    stage 2+ misfire help

    Thanks for the replies guys. As far as im aware the car has been stage 2+ for only a few months. The misfire is from cylinder 3 if that narrows it down any ? Ive also heard it could be my maf. Is that possible ?
  7. andy1

    stage 2+ misfire help

    Hi i recently purchased an audi s3 r-tech stage 2+. The car has started to badly misfire under acceleration. Ive had coilpacks, spark plugs and fuel injectors replaced but it still happens. has anyone had this before and found the cause. Any help would be appreciated thanks Andy
  8. andy1

    Word Association Game .. . . .

  9. andy1

    A3/S3 Photos Thread

    My new car :)
  10. andy1

    what sat nav ?

    Hi guys i was on here before with an S3 8l before i moved on to a golf r32. Im pleased to say im glad to be back this time in a 2010 violet purple S3 8p Sportback. The car is missing a few factory options that id like to retrofit. could someone point me in the direction a good navigation...
  11. andy1

    Clutch Feels Springy And Sticks To The Floor.

    Hi i have a 03 audi s3 and a few nights ago my clutch pedal snapped :( i replaced the broken clip but theclutch now feels springy and the pedal occasionally sticks to the floor. Has anyone had this problem before ? I also had my brake fluid changed could this have anything to do with it ? Thanks
  12. andy1

    Word Association Game .. . . .

  13. andy1

    replaced broken clutch pedal now the pedal sticks down

    Thanks for the replys guys il have a look as soon as im home from work..
  14. andy1

    replaced broken clutch pedal now the pedal sticks down

    As above, anybody have any idea what could becwrong now ? Any help would be apreciated.
  15. andy1

    Price plummet

    Definetly not lol especially not now that i want something less dated
  16. andy1

    Price plummet

    I paid 4250 for mine in september last year, since then ive spent thousands replacing the turbo, clutch, engine, water pump etc and cant imagine it selling for much more than 3k. The annoying thing is i sold a very clean s3 to buy the others s3 only because they were different colours :(
  17. andy1

    Word Association Game .. . . .

  18. andy1

    Scottish Car Show July 20th 2014 Attending List

    My mk 3.5 cabby got a place in the top 50 for this so sadly i will have to leave my audi at home :(
  19. andy1


    Id agree, this has been for sale for quite a while now. i personally think its ruined.
  20. andy1

    does anyone have s3 factory lowering spring part number ?

    Thanks for the help guys :icon_thumright: