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    B7 a4 not blowing air

    Hi, turned my car on this afternoon to find that when I switched a/c or econ on the fans would signal they are blowing at full power but no air was actually being blown? Any ideas? Thanks
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    B7 + Ipod?

    Hi guys Looked through various threads, there is so much information that I think I have gone into information overload... What do I want? I want to be able to play my iPod in my B7! I would want it to charge in-car, I would like the iPod to be hidden but accessible due to it being kept in...
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    Safe Mode in Morning?

    Hmmm, now had it checked, sitting where it should be while off and running at 14.x when stationary and on... may have to take it for a second opinion?
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    Safe Mode in Morning?

    Hi peeps Strange problem here, drove home last night, as normal, music on etc... parked up, went in, went to bed etc. Woke up this morning, started the car (seemed to take a little longer than usual to start upon turning key) and found my radio was in safe mode? I entered my radio code...
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    Self Revving?

    Thanks for the replies people, Will take a look tonight when I get home from work at the mentioned causes, if no joy will get it on diagnostics asap
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    Self Revving?

    Occasionally (1 in 5 stops roughly), whilest sitting at, say traffic lights, my a3 will rev itself between its idle point and about 1.5k revs up and down until I pull away. Engine management light is on. Unfortunately I have not had a chance to get it diagnosed yet due to a busy work schedule...
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    New Alloys?

    Hi people, just bought myself an 02 plate, silver 5 door A3, I need to change the alloys as they are pretty horrid, but, I am not sure what alloys to have! I definitely want to stick to Audi/VW alloys but not sure what to have... open to suggestions as I am currently rolling on these "Bad...