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    Chipping 3.2

    Pick it up sunday,still deciding whether to keep the a3.
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    Chipping 3.2

    Has anyone had there 3.2 chipped? Wondered if it made much difference!
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    New Ferrari F430 (56k warning)

    My mates got one coming in april i'll give my opinion when ive had a thrash.
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    Pics of civic jordan

    Not my cuppa tea i prefer my cars to be a bit more understated. i had a v-tec crx and loved it!
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    BBS CH's and Coilovers

    [ QUOTE ] Dublife, Can your local Audi garage give you that information? Is it the strut mount size you're after? Lee, which brand/type of coilovers were in your golf? Thx. [/ QUOTE ] Avo's
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    Gets built this week.

    [ QUOTE ] dealers 1 1/2 weeks after the buid week, i think it depends on timing. [/ QUOTE ] Yeh mine was here in 1 1/2 wks.
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    S lines delivery times

    [ QUOTE ] I am an old git. I'm 31 the wife's 33 and we've got about 7 yrs no claims and all my points and bad lad endorsements were earned over five years ago . But i did find Privilege to be at least £200 cheaper than all the other insurers. The best quote with monthly interest free was virgin...
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    Exhaust valve mod on 3.2?

    I never really had a concern with my pipe the thread you found was in response to richy's concern about the brackets.They are completely over the top in size but they do serve a purpose as they are adjustable.(in and out). Im completely satisfied with it,it sounds a bit deeper than yours did in...
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    BBS CH's and Coilovers

    Mine feels just the same as it did with the standard springs on (just looks better),s-line's are stiff anyway.
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    BBS CH's and Coilovers

    I had coilovers on my old golf,they were that stiff that they caused the back end to skip around corners,i personally would'nt recommend them as they've gotta be set up just right.Aside from the fact they feel like they are shaking your car to bits!!!!!!!!
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    Exhaust valve mod on 3.2?

    [ QUOTE ] An electrically switchable valve would do it for me until someone develops a proper exhaust for the 3.2... Milltek's and Supersprint's aren't quite what I'm looking for... Are there any other exhaust manufacturers for our cars? TIA [/ QUOTE ] And here was me thinking i had a...
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    3.2Q Whats it worth????

    Got my car 3 1/2mths ago now considering an rs6,wondered what its worth! 3.2 s-line, Dolphin Grey, H&R Springs, Milltek Pipe, Sunroof, ArmRest, Light Pack, Folding Chrome Mirrors. Its got about 1700miles on it.
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    MUST SEE RS4!!!!!!!!!

    Just placed my order!
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    Another CGI of new RS4

    Cooler than ice!
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    Would you paint your calipers?

    Personally wouldnt bother!
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    new pics

    Nice motor could do with dropping a tad though.
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    Pics of My Car

    yeh looks nice lets see the rest!
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    FWD R32??????????
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    S3 or RS3

    I heard 2.0t s3 at end of 2005 and audi are discontinuing rs models in favour of smaller engined lighter cars.Theres a link to a thread in here SOMEWHERE!
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    I really wanted black but had a black golf b4 it so i went for dolphin grey,no regrets really suits the car.