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    Genuine Audi parts. Expensive?

    If you know the right places to get genuine Audi parts they don't have to be that expensive
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    Post pics of your A3/S3

    Do you have HID's?
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    New A3 Arrived Today

    Looks wicked man take care of it!
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    Lincoln Audi's Trick

    That's a bit cheeky that is, people fall for it as well
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    Best mods for a V6??

    I would say leave a car like that, it's powerful enough. then again I'm a bit boring sometimes :P
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    A1 1.6 TDI remap?

    Yeah just go for a GTI rather than the re-mapping
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    Alloy wheel refurb

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    Alloy wheel refurb

    Does anyone actually know any good alloy refurb companies that are mobile? Mine are so damaged that I can't possibly repair them myself.
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    New A2

    It's a shame that they recently annoucned that the electric A2 would not make it to production. I was hoping to see it sometime in the future, I think the cost of developing it would have been too much?
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    So Audi have bought out Ducati...?

    Since that post, Audi seem to be doing quite well here... Car service
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    So Audi have bought out Ducati...?

    I think this could be an attempt to catch with rivals BMW... They are doing quite well around the world in terms of car sales, but I think they could be attempting to knock the BMW Motor Sport bike division off the top spot. Not sure what sort of impact Audi's purchase will have though..