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    Fitted 18" RS4's to my A3

    I had some 17's with spacer shims and it just didnt feel right. These have no spacers and are ET35 so are bang on :-)
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    Done the ole bonnet mod (good results)

    Looks broken :-S
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    Fitted 18" RS4's to my A3

    Looks faaaar better and drives better that wheel with spacers etc. Happy. (Has Audi centers now)
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    Replacing airbag module after a crash

    Will a new one need coded (VAG COM?) or should it just plug in and work ok? I also assume a used one will work somehow? Thanks.
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    AGU Single coil conversion?

    As we all know, the ignition system on these things is utter scrap. A mate mentioned doing a single coil conversion from a Vauxhall Cavalier/Vectra 2.0 16v engine (X20XEV). Does anyone have any info regarding this? Many thanks
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    What Track Toy to go for?

    IN TEG RA INTEGRA - Best handling FWD car. you will not be dissapointed
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    Anyone gen'd up on Fabia VRS's?

    Already registered and posted hehe.
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    Anyone gen'd up on Fabia VRS's?

    I know this aint a Skoda fabia forum, but it is a very similar car....... Im currently in talks with my work about buying a 56 plate Fabia VRS thats just been traded in. However there is a couple of problems.... The car itself has done 65K miles, has some fancy grey/blue leather seats front...
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    Strange nosie when changing gear when I put my foot down

    I do get a kind of farty/screechy noise from my DV so may be that. Drive it like that, and if it breaks, then something was definately broken.
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    5x100 - 5x112 Adapters?

    I bought the very same adaptors off eBay mate and i had no problems at all. Well made, quick delivery and worked perfectly. Id recommend them highly rather than pay over the odds for H&R ones. Badge tax imo!
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    Handling - Recommendations to make my car driveable??

    Ok, first update. I raised the front up about an inch and its faaaaar better already! New tyres is next (215/45/17), and im also watching some 25mm hubcentric spacers on eBay as i currently have 10mm spacers on and its still not got enough 'poke'. Whats the best method for a rear ARB? New or...
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    this questions going to get me shot! lol

    If you want chatter then just block off the pipe running to the DV. Sounds great but not good for the Turbo. Otherise just run an open cone and you should still hear a hiss type noise with the standard DV. I do!
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    Handling - Recommendations to make my car driveable??

    Thanks for the replies guys. Ill concentrate on ride height and wheels/tyres for now, then ill look into the Civic. :-)
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    Handling - Recommendations to make my car driveable??

    Cant beat induction roar though! Im the only one out of my mates who doesnt have a Civic haha. I find T1R's are better for lighter cars as they are very soft. A3 is quite a heavy car for its size. I shall search for some spacers, fit my bigger tyres and raise it up. See how i get on with that!
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    Handling - Recommendations to make my car driveable??

    Nothing wrong with a Civic. Far more reliable for starters! Standard against standard it is far faster, better handling, looks better and newer also! Anyway, back to the Audi. I shall change wheels and tyres and raise it up for now i reckon.
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    Handling - Recommendations to make my car driveable??

    Whats the definitive method of sorting the ARB issue then as some say longer drop links, some say shorter. I may just buy a Civic Type R instead......
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    Handling - Recommendations to make my car driveable??

    Im thinking along the same lines! I have some 215/45 Continentals somewhere to fit and i knew these cheap coilovers were only a temporary idea anyway. Im sick of having my ARB rubbing on my driveshaft constantly! Whats a tried and tested suspension kit thats not going to break the bank...
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    Handling - Recommendations to make my car driveable??

    The way my car sits at the moment means i cant drive it properly fast, as the main thing is the ride height is just far too low. Im torn between either handling or looks. Is there a good combination of both? Basically, whats the best wheel/tyre size combo and also suspension setup? I want to...
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    Heavy kirb damage n/s rear advice needed

    Yeah id whip the wheel off and check any suspension part for signs of bends or misalignment. Should be fairly obvious once youre in about it all.
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    Fitted gauge for gauging all my boosts.

    Had some carbon fibre going spare so made a wee surround for the gauge. Looks far better i think!