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    My old S4 has popped up for sale

    lol, I've been keeping an eye out for the Widow too, hoping someone might post here that they've picked her up. lost track of her after trading in but she's finally turned up on a site; hope whoever gets...
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    So Long

    Well, it's finally time to say goodbye to the Black Widow, so i'll be leaving the forums. Just wanted to say bye, and thanks to everyone who chipped in w/ info and advice for a noob Audi owner :-) have to say, moving on from the Dynamik will be a very sad day, i've abolutely loved every second...
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    Hit and run

    regardless of damage, the fact the police seemingly don't care about an uninsured driver makes me seethe. they should be all over that even if they're not interested in your level of damage.
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    Best Interior Glass Cleaner...?

    ....preferably w/ some anti-misting capability? tried a couple of household glass cleaners (Mr Muscle and Windolene) and wipes but it still seems the glass is smeary. tried rain-x many years ago, the exterior rain repellant was good but i recall the interior stuff wasn't, dunno if they've...
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    Sat Nav Map updates

    this is an ongoing source of anger for me. my maps haven't been updated since i got the car in 2011, but i'm not willing to pay £300 for a dvd. if TomTom can give countless free updates on a £120 item, and VW are now offering freee updates, why TF can Audi not support their customers and do...
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    Low Battery Level - Battery Will Be Charged Whilst Driving

    commute is about 20 mins each way, been doing it for a couple years now w/ no issues. if it happens again i'll get it looked at. just hope she starts for me getting home :-D
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    Low Battery Level - Battery Will Be Charged Whilst Driving

    Anyone had this message? Possibly not unexpected to have this come on, w/ the battery being over 7 years old and the cold weather etc, but the handbook implies it stays on until the battery is charged, and mine vanished almost instantly. another of the weirdie warnings i've had or possibly...
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    Frozen MMI

    total lack of response last time, but maybe others have come across it since? happened again this morning. powered off ok last night as far as i'm aware, set off this morning and none of the MMI buttons would work, just got the splash screen on the display. turned the ignition off/on at traffic...
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    Recommended Camera fitter in Newcastle?

    As per title, had a camera for a while and still haven't gotten around to fitting the damn thing. was going to take a crack at it but i can't see how to get my pillar lining off and don't really want to eff around and spoil my car, so - is there any reputable/recommended people/places in the...
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    Scammed by another member on here

    If it prevents someone else potentially dealing w/ them and getting scammed too, it's helping.
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    A4 B8 Dynamik Handling

    Well, i'm still not happy w/ my car. she's a 2011 2.0 TfSI quattro, and for a while the back end has seemed very spongy. I thought it was a tyre issue, as one kept losing pressure, so eventually over the course of month i got new tyres and then got refurbed alloys [which were the cure]. She...
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    Wheel refurb done wrong???

    amazes me in this age of taking photos of everything including your dinner that no one seems to think of snapping a pic of their mileage when leaving their car w/ someone.
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    Wheel Alignment in Newcastle, Recommendations Please?

    thanks for the replies so far. it's for 4-wheel, i was going to amend my thread title but i can't see how to do it? came across AK but they listed themselves as MX5 specialists so i didn't know how appropriate they'd be, will put them on the list. cheers
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    Quick Question: Exhaust Fell Off

    well my B8 is from 2011 and i've not had this issue, if that means anything. and i have had water-related issues before [we believe] as driving through deep water during "Thunder Thursday" seemed to be the cause of some wirings issues i had w/ my brakes. surely if it was due to rust they could...
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    Wheel Alignment in Newcastle, Recommendations Please?

    Hi, had the Widow in for a check-up today, had a fleeting brake warning light come on but i've not been happy w/ the handling at the rear, seems to be spongy and lacking grip. had a new shocker in April, but this time there was no issues. went out w/ the chief tech and the only thing he could...
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    Pothole, or not?

    to be fair she said she did, not the car :-D
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    Your Having A Giraffe

    always pays to check, got the same crap on my home insurance ~ got the quote, looked on gocompare and the same cover by the same company was like £70 cheaper. called them up and asked if they were taking the P. blathered about it being for new customers, ended up cancelling and rebuying at the...
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    No; you're the stupid one who got caught!

    "The footage was posted on social media before it was reported to the police." yeah, get your priorities right.
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    2.0 TFSI Known Oil Consumption problem - 2015 ongoing thread (2009-2011 models)

    if that was how you were driving it, i'm not surprised.
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    Airport vs Home Parking?

    parked at airports many times, never an issue. simply for convenience i wouldn't consider leaving the car at home. i recall one aspect of using a taxi was a spate of people getting burgled after banter w/ the driver indicated the house would be empty for several days.