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    For Sale Audi s3 8v Sportback black leather front seats

    If someone buys them I can get the seats to you ash. Then you can forward them on
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    Sold Audi s3 racingline elbow

    I have a racingline turbo elbow for sale to fit an 8v s3. Condition is excellent/like new. Better pics available for any interested parties cost me £120 iirc yours for £60+post or collection from Enfield I can possibly get a hold of a silicon hose to join from the elbow to the airbox for a...
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    For Sale Audi s3 8v Sportback black leather front seats

    I have both the front seats out of a 2015 Audi s3 Sportback to sell black heated leather sold either individually or as a pair. offers around £350 for the pair a fair price? They are in better condition then anything for sale on eBay. The cars done 20k miles from new These pics aren’t great...
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    2015 audi s3 fluid questions

    Ive ordered most of the fluids from opie oils Now they have the haldex fluid for the 8v available. I bought millers for the diffs. Still not sure on the quantity i need. 0.8-0.9litres for the rear iirr. The front im not sure of. I hope 2 litres is enough. Ill change the s tronic fluid...
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    2015 audi s3 fluid questions

    hi guys Can i have a list of what grade of fluids i need and the amount of fluids i need To change the front and rear diff and the s tronic gearbox fluid please? Also the haldex fluid Also how much brake fluid do i need? Thanks alot
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    Post Pics Of Your A3/S3 8v In Here

    Can anybody tell me what wheels they are? And What they weigh? Thanks
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    Creaky Steering

    Its most likely the top mount Ive had them fail on my previous cars luckily not the s3 yet