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    Removal of the RNS-E screen anti-glare coating

    Hello, I would like to apologise for writing in an old thread but since it had no replies I thought it would be ok. I wanted to ask - when you have the screen tilt up so that you can remove the plastic shroud, how did you prevent it from automatically retracting backwards? It seems it will...
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    Headlights sanity check

    Hey, thanks for replying ! For the xenons I do feel the CBI will do well, I'll be buying them from Amazon so hopefully they are legit. I will be happy with either only white or white with a slight blue tinge as it should look really nice both ways. The S-line fogs are indeed H11, although I...
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    Headlights sanity check

    Hey, thanks for the reply! I thought the same although it seems that despite the name none of the Osram lights above actually have a blue colour, most of the reviews I've read simply specify them as bright white. Oh, and seems my links got deleted so they are: Xenon - Osram xenarc cool blue...
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    Headlights sanity check

    Hey guys, I'm new to the forum and this is my first thread, hopefully I'm not breaking any rules. I found similar threads although they are a few years back and thus the ebay listings are gone. I recently bought an A3 8P 2006 with (I believe) bi-xenon headlights with DRL as well. The right...
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    CarPlay head unit, steering wheel buttons and questions

    Hey Dave, I am considering making the same changes on my RNS-E equipped 06' A3, but I am still hesitant about the real world usage of it. You mentioned using the ashtray area for your phone, which is what I was consindering as well, but I wanted to inquire how exactly you proceeded with that, I...