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  1. jungleman

    Moved over to the dark side!

    Haha tell me about it, am loving bullying the car, loving the instant power on the N/A straight six!
  2. jungleman

    Need help best dump valve

    As said audis dont use dump valves, their dv works differently, the most cost effective one of the standard rev d version, If your wanting an aftermarket option then the forge dv (I've got one for sale) is about the only option, you can also get an ad on that increases the noise if wanted. As...
  3. jungleman

    Moved over to the dark side!

    Haha I've jumped ship as well over to the dark side, am loving my new motor, soo much fun, but can't see my rears lasting long with me trying to learn how to drift the thing lol
  4. jungleman

    Selling up Bye Bye

    haha I'm like a bad penny... can't get rid of me lol
  5. jungleman

    Selling up Bye Bye

    just coz you don't have an audi doesn't mean you have to leave, I've sold mine but I'm still here :)
  6. jungleman

    NOT AGAIN!! my S3 eats through its 3rd PROPSHAFT front dougnut bush... help needed -

    alright mate, glad to hear coulsden were able to help you out, shame they went so helpful with me when i had issues lol odd that that went as mine was running 315 for a year and 360 for a year... lots of other things went tits up but not that, you must have just been serious unlucky!
  7. jungleman

    Black or Red Calipers

    have to agree, on stock breaks keep it subtle and don't draw attention to them, if you have a whopping set of stoppers all depends how brave you are with colours!
  8. jungleman

    Stage 2 for my S3 - should I do it?

    its totally worth every penny and really finishes off the car, not sure how good the bluefin map is at stage 2 though, so may be worth thinking of swapping to the Evolve/Revo/APR stage 2 software for some real performance, if your after a quietish CAI, your best bet would be the ITG MAXOGEN...
  9. jungleman

    Wheel or deal

    personally id stick with 18s, if you want to be able to 'drive' the car harder and have it more comfortable thats the way forward, if you fancy a change of wheels get some lightweight 18s and you'll notice a difference for the better, Team Dynamics 1.2's from memory are a solid option, can get...
  10. jungleman

    Wheel or deal

    if your going 19s you'll have to lower the car as it will look like its on stilts, also bear in mind they will weigh more, so turn in, acceleration, breaking will also be made worse, also with the reduced side wall you will feel a lot more bumps. all depends what you want out of the car, if you...
  11. jungleman

    A3 Black Edition Updated Pics :)

    deffo agree the back needs to go up a bit, but may as well wait a week or 2 to let everything settle that way you can get the real hight right, also bag on some spacers to fill out the archers a bit more and then it will be mint!
  12. jungleman

    Giving the S3 beans!

    modding is very addictive, you will always want more and its either your pocket or the worry of totally rebuilding your engine to take a big turbo that will stop you lol... all good fun though
  13. jungleman

    What exhausts are S3 guys running these days

    for cost effectiveness re-weld and get a resonator section fitted, milltek or other if your feeling flush and want the best get a SuperSprint system fitted... but they aint cheap!
  14. jungleman

    What's the valve thingy on the rear exhuast silencer on my S3?

    all it does is the faster you go the more the valve opens giving you a louder exhaust note... and no you don't get that with a milltek.... that just always loud haha
  15. jungleman

    S3RYE's Build Thread

    its this tuesday mate as far as i know, you up for it?
  16. jungleman

    S3RYE's Build Thread

    glad AMD sorted the misfire mate! will have to go for a drive with you now and see how it pulls, and need to go for a cruse in mine... its taking some getting used to haha!
  17. jungleman

    S3 8p badly balanced and under steer

    haha TC off and a boot full of right foot!! it aint the front ARB mate its the rear one, take the front one off and go back to oem if you want less understeer from what I've been told
  18. jungleman

    A3 Range Brake sizes?

    Golf R32 (new shape) breaks fit as well and normally come up chapter as they are branded VW rather then Audi... skoda won't fit, and seat won't as all the hot seats use brembo brakes
  19. jungleman

    Current Know faults for the CCZ range of 2.0T Fsi engine

    thought it was just the engine cover they didn't change, they must be running the old variant engine in it as well