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  1. Good 2 B A Gooner

    MPG Remap Figures

    Hi All, can anyone recommend a remap for my 2008 A6 Avant. It's a 2.0TDI and drinking diesel like a pimp would champagne.... i currently use use a tank a week at £90 and get roughly 480 miles from the pig. Not fussed about BHP increases - more a significant MPG increase from my average...
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    Best MPG Map

    Hi All, been a while.... Could anyone help with solid advice for the best MPG chip/map for a 2008 A6 Avant please. previous job had a fuel card, but now having to claim back via expenses - I'm currently doing a tank at £90 a week in fuel! Shocking MPG average of 38MPG from a auto 2.0 TDI due...
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    Best Parking Sensors To Retro-Fit

    Hi All, Long time no activity! New car - new problems... Anyone recommend the best parking sensors please? I need the fitted also. Much love.
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    We won it at the lane...

    We won it at the lane...
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    Any one seen any tidy A1's about?

    I had ine for a couple of days, due to my car being in and them not having the part, or any loan cars! Very nice - it was the 1.4TSI - rapid! Sat nav, etc. My wife now wants one!
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    Dean Richards RIP

    Football often gets press for the bad things, but when a player dies we all come together. When Rocky (Rocastle) passed away, we played sp*rs a few weeks later - we had a silence for him, and every single fan in the ground showed massive respect. That shows that, even between clubs with...
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    Favourite/best footballers

    I am I the only guy who never got Cantona? For me he was an enigma. More about his personally than his ability.
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    Favourite/best footballers

    I'm not looking forward to Barca.... Still, this time we shouldn't be missing over half of our side! I'd have to say my all tine favourite outside Arsenal would be Maldini - what a man and player.
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    Favourite/best footballers

    One of the most underrated players ever - what a player. Wasn't to bad for Barca!
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    Favourite/best footballers

    1st - TH14 - they'll never be another player as good as him in the EPL. 2nd - Bergkamp - class personified. 3rd - Zola - A class player and a class little guy. End of thread me thinks...! Ronaldo may well have made it in the top 3 had he stayed another 2 years. On the world stage...
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    Best iPad App's...

    Maclife tells you how to do loads of stuff you wouldn't know about otherwise.
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    Top Gear Transit XJ220

    I knew when I saw the wheels and how low the thing was! Why bother doing that though?! Agreed though about the program - it's now becoming a sitcom. The trips abroad are the best things now.
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    replica watches

    I'd say that's a fault with the screen - I've caught it heavily on a brick work, metal etc. As I said, as an engineer I gets bashed all day - still fine. Mates think I'm mad but I didn't buy it to wear 5 times a year.
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    replica watches

    What's the point in any fake? You buy that item because of it's quality, and the way it makes you feel etc. There's a very easy way to tell a fake - the screen - cheap sh*t watches will scratch on the screen no matter how well you look after them. A real watch will resist scratches. I...
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    The sack race...

    Nothing to do with Ancelotti - chavs have sold/let go players such as J.Cole (shocking player though!) Ballack, Carvalho, etc, etc - without bringing in players or promoting youth in return. The whole time they where winning games with ease they should've been blooding the likes of Kakuta etc...
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    Not keen at all - I do like Marrowfat peas though, I don't chew them as the inside texture is horrible :think:
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    The sack race...

    To be fair to woy, he's taken over a club and team in decline. It's understandable the pool want a big manager and big players as they're a massive club. But the facts are there are new boys in town - sp*rs and citeh are a good way ahead of pool now, and only MASSIVE investment is going to...
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    Student Protests

    Labour only ever looked after the scab - creating millions of public sector jobs - with the idea being that they wouldn't vote out the boss! How any labour mp can pick holes at the moment astounds me, they got us into this mess - they should look at the floor in shame.
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    Nigerian Scum Scammer

    Lol - cheers smudge - did I of my iPad and it played silly boll.....
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    Nigerian Scum Scammer

    I know who this is.... Is this the guy <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket Pictures, Images and...