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    Has anyone had any problems with S3 8Y? Have the 1.5 mild hybrid auto, and have been told that the computers in S3 are completely different to standard A3?
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    A3 8Y - Electrical system fault: Stop Vehicle

    Anyone actually getting one without any faults? picked up my replacement on 21st june and by the 25th june electrical system. Safely stop vehicle. Car has now been towed away! Absolute given up on the A3 now
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    Update Campain 90Q5

    Not too sure, I’ve got the 1.5 mild hybrid auto, would need to get in contact with local dealer
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    Update Campain 90Q5

    I’ve been told that it’s to sort the mhev electrical system fault, sort the reversing camera and sensors fault, issue where the keyless entry some times does not work, there is a few other things that it addresses but these seems to be the main ones
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    Update Campain 90Q5

    I’ve just had the Audi technician today, there is a long awaited service campain been released, hopefully this will solve a lot of the issues. Hopefully everyone can get there cars booked in asap
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    Reversing sensors not always working

    I’ve got the same issue, I’ve got the 35 TFSI MHEV auto, I’ve been told by a Audi technician not to reply on sensors nor camera as there’s a fault within the Ethernet cables connecting each complement. The camera also freezes when reversing
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    A3 8Y - Electrical system fault: Stop Vehicle

    I’ve had the same, before the update it used to flashed on off but now after update it stays on dash until car turned off and back on! Mines comes up with electrical system fault. Please contract workshop I’ve a new A3 Edition 1 35 TFSI auto on order as the one I have right now came without...
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    My A3 Edition 1 arrived in uk on the 22nd October and I have wireless CarPlay! I have wireless charger aswell if that has anything to do with it
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    Audi A3 35tfsi auto no electric seats

    Hiya, is anyone else have the 35 tfsi auto that didn’t come with electric seats? It seems to be a common problem even though, the Configurator said that it would come with electric seats but without memory function also anyone got issue with dash warning lights appearing? Things like pre sense...