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    S3 - Cracked Headlights

    I recently noticed that my left headlight is fogging up way too much. Upon closer inspection i noticed that it's cracked. I've had the car (since new) for around 10 months, did 15kkm, no collisions, no accidents, no offroading/"rallying", no damage anywhere on the car really. And I can't imagine...
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    Unplugging S3 Exhaust Valves "Mod"

    Question to those who decided to use the tape: Did you also tape the connectors on the valves module itself or just the connectors on the wires disconnected from the valves module ?
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    S3 launch control

    Doubt anyone would be able to determine that accurately in any way. It'll be fine until it's not xD Surely a launch control start (where the forces acting on all the component are sort of applied immediately) is much more of a strain on the whole drivetrain then just flooring it from stand still...
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    Unplugging S3 Exhaust Valves "Mod"

    Did you just unplug them while in dynamic + some electrical tape ? or via OBD/pulled a fuse etc. ? Any warning lights on the dash ? Any noticeable loss of power ? Any drawbacks whatsoever ? xD
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    Unplugging S3 Exhaust Valves "Mod"

    Has anyone tried this S3 8V Exhaust Valves Mod on a 8Y ? Any difference ? Any drawbacks ? Any fault codes ? I'm not expecting much from that stock exhaust since it's pretty hopeless to begin with, but it does "pop and bang" at higher revs quite noticeably at times - so maybe it's worth...
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    It wasn't the original Plastidip. Some alternative called K2 Colorflex. And i might have put a too thin of a layer of it. It basically just pealed off and partly tore from stone chips after a few days ;( Generally i agree and that's why i didn't go for the factory black styling pack in the...
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    I'm trying to "dechrome" those bits myself. Already tried some plastidip-ish product but that did not last long and it already peeled off ;( So now I'll attempt to wrap it with 3M G12 2080. Is there some clever way of removing those bits off the bumper for easier access or would i need to...
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    Keyless Entry Setting

    I have that convenience key option (tho in the PL cfg it was called sth like "comfort key with safelock") in the S3, but i bet it's all the same. You can open/close the car just by touching the door handle (same as e.g. on the A4 B9) and you have the ability to disable that via the MMI.
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    S3 vs Golf8R

    this S3 seems to have 340 stock..
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    S3 vs Golf8R

    btw. the 8R has the ABT badge on as well. so imo either both were tuned (and since the hardware is all the same, the software just "leveled" them) or none was. but if it's the latter then the question becomes how come the 8R turned out to be so much quicker in the other tests ? (maybe this one...
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    New S3 Carwow drag race

    The current S3 8Y already has the EA888 evo4 engine. The same one as the Golf 8R and the Cupra Formentor. And all the peripherals are the same. It just has a shittier tune unfortunately. Tho it's not that hard to see the reasoning behind it. 8R is the "top" model for VW. Audi will still need to...
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    Totally dead battery

    I'd say that battery had the right to die. Generally i think this is a very tricky subject.. There are so many variables when it comes to the charge of car batteries these days: obvsly the weather, where it's parked, how much electronics/systems are on board, how do you utilize them, how long...
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    ["Detailing" Advice Needed] First Wash and Wax

    Thanks ;) Nope, they just told me that the car was waxed by them with a supposedly (more on that in a sec ;) good and durable wax. And i actually did notice some decent hydrophobic properties at the beginning. The car got horribly dirty in the last few days so i decided to wash it for the...
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    New S3 Carwow drag race

    How incredibly surprising that people who own a 8V think that the 8Y is terrible... And the 8V vs 8Y comparisons - as if everyone owned a 8V and wondered if they should change it for a 8Y - what's the point ? Today the 8V is basically a 10 year old car. The performance might be similar, but...
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    ["Detailing" Advice Needed] First Wash and Wax

    Yes, I was finally able to pick it up yesteday eod :) Of course it started snowing 20mins earlier :grimacing: Tho it ended up being a perfect weather to get to know each other with the car :D My first time in a "quattro" car. My previous car was a relatively comfortable and extremely boring A4...
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    New car's expected mileage and "delivery mode" question

    I've got notified today that my S3 had arrived at my local dealer. I came in to have a quick look at it, grab a couple of pictures. 5min in and out. I'll be collecting the car in two days or sth. But now that I'm looking at the pictures there are a few things that look a bit strange to me...
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    Audi S3 to VW Golf R - Am I a joke to you?

    Yet another carwow review where he messes up the acceleration times... How can a "experienced car reviewer" not acknowledge (understand ?) that 0-60 is not the same as 0-62.1 He keeps on showing the 0-62.1 claimed by the car maker as a 0-60 time, measuring the 0-60 and being surprised how much...
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    ["Detailing" Advice Needed] First Wash and Wax

    Hi, (hopefully) next week i will be taking delivery of a navarra blue S3. As soon as i get it'd like to wash it and apply a wax. Given the ****** polish weather and salt on the roads - the main goal being paint protection rather than ideal paint look. I've seen a few episodes of AMMO NYC etc. so...
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    LAUNCH CONTROL! People who owned an 8V and went to 8Y

    What's your current mileage ? Perhaps there's some "break-in period safeguard" in the ECU or sth.