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  1. D.rc

    Aux Coding RNS-E

    I dont have one , and aint they like £70 ??
  2. D.rc

    Aux Coding RNS-E

    Yeah ordered the update dvd and it worked , just waiting to try this cable lmao since i already picked it up
  3. D.rc

    Aux Coding RNS-E

    damn too late lmfao well thanks i will try OBD11
  4. D.rc

    Aux Coding RNS-E

    Thanks, my rnse is currently on 0600 where can i download the update? so i can burn to a cd and install. also do you know if this cheap ebay cable will work ...
  5. D.rc

    Aux Coding RNS-E

    Hi i have added an AUX adapter to the back of my RNS-E and now i need it coded. Can i code it myself using OBDELEVEN ? / What vcds cable does the b7 need? Can someone on here code it for me? What version does my RNS-E have to be to code aux in as I'm unsure. Thanks for any help
  6. D.rc

    The "Rimz" Thread ** Look here before requesting pics of specific wheels**

    18x8J ET43 225/40/r18 Audi Rotors New style just in case anyone's looking! they poke out 15mm more than the original black edition wheels and fit flush with the fenders back do rub a little even after taking out rear bumper bolt.
  7. D.rc

    Audi 8p 2.0t S3 intercooler.

    Just picked up a S3 Intercooler used for £50 , p/n 1K0 145 928F Was wondering if it will be a direct fit to my A3 8P 2009 2.0T Engine code CCZA ? Read somewhere that the piping is different however you can modify the 2.0t ones to fit ?
  8. D.rc

    Audi 8p EA888 stage 2 clutch please help

    Hi i own a Audi a3 8p with the EA888 Mk6 gti engine , looking to go stage 2 and want to upgrade my clutch as my original one has 97k on it and starting to slip. i have found a nice deal on a SACHS performance clutch kit but im not to sure if it will fit 100% please help! Sachs performance...
  9. D.rc

    PCV Replacement EA888

    Wondering if any one could help , had these two codes on my a3 , P0507 - Idle Air Control System RPM Higher Than Expected P2187 - System Too Lean at Idle, Bank 1 after some research found out it was just a faulty pcv , pulled dipstick with engine on and it did not have any stuttering so i...
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    Lowering springs fitment check?

    Will these springs fit my a3 A3 8P 2009 2.0TFSI FWD Black edition running standard black edition alloys
  11. D.rc

    2.0TFSI Stage 2 FWD

    Ah, had a look at JFA Automotive they seemed like a quite reputable to get a custom map. To be honest how much would the pump internals run me?
  12. D.rc

    2.0TFSI Stage 2 FWD

    Hi I have been slowly getting parts together to stage 2 my 8p 2.0tfsi and had a couple questions. Mods installed are Decat 3inch-resonator delete-GFB-Ram intake I was looking online at apr/revo and they both have different requirements some say to have a s3 intercooler some say not to? I would...
  13. D.rc

    2.0TFSI Exhaust help!!!

    I have made a terrible decision and need help. I own a fwd. 2.0tfsi and have had a cat-less downpipe on for awhile now however I was not satisfied with the sound , sounded almost identical to the stock catted downpipe. So I decided it would be a great idea to cut the resonator out... boy was I...
  14. D.rc

    Wireless charging retro-fit 8P

    I recently installed wireless charging into my 8P while I was removing the ashtray, I thought I would show the forum as I have not seen any topics on fitting wireless charging to a 8P I made it look as original as possible by wiring it into the cigarettes lighter directly so there are no wires...
  15. D.rc

    Oversized Ramair ko3 EA888

    Hi there I'm looking to take my A3 2.0TFSI KO3 EA888 Stage 2 in the near future , already have a decat and have started looking for a intake, i have been looking at getting a ramair one, however they are saying that the only one which will fit the EA888 is this one...
  16. D.rc

    Downpipe EML 2.0TFSI

    Recently got a cat less downpipe for my Audi a3 2.0tfsi and was of course greeted by the EML light a few days after installation , I have seen many people with mk5 GTI's suggesting to use the CTS O2 spacer however I have found an alternative which works ( At least in my application) and its only...
  17. D.rc

    A3 2.0TFSI Rattle

    Hi I have noticed a strange noise when letting off throttle , a almost metallic noise it only happens when let of throttle, including when I'm stationary revving it or even when moving. I have attached a clip of the sound when revving stationary, any help or guidance if I should be worried or...
  18. D.rc

    Downpipe fitting.

    The downpipe i got is probably a ebay special to be fair , its not really branded :whistle2: i have had a look at some mk6 gti tutorials as i believe its exactly the same as my a3. basic tools and jacks i could get it done myself you think...
  19. D.rc

    Downpipe fitting.

    I have just ordered a catless downpipe 3' for my 2.0TFSI FWD A3 and was wondering if I should try tackle installing it myself or have a garage do it. I understand it can be quite fiddly but I was just quoted £250 to fit the downpipe has anyone got and experience/ what they were quoted for the...
  20. D.rc

    Audi A3 Chrome Wing Mirror Caps

    i just realized your the fella i saw on YouTube doing the cruise control swap no ?