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  1. PaulAr

    MMI screen mechanism greasing

    What happened to NHN and his limitless AUDI Teccy knowledge??
  2. PaulAr

    S3 Remaps and Warranty

    RS3 would be fantastic but PCPs on RS models don't really work unfortunately, high interest rates and no real discounts make the monthlies pretty eye watering. Anyhoo, thanks for all the input, seems like the general consensus is that tuning an 8V S3s ECU is currently a risky process.
  3. PaulAr

    S3 Remaps and Warranty

    Previous 2 times S3 8P owner and ASN regular but not posted here for ages. Anyhoo, quite fancy another S3 now that PCPs are more sensible since the car has been around for a bit, and wondered what the crack was with remapping the 8V and warranty implications? All of my VAGs for years have been...
  4. PaulAr

    S3 advice needed

    This might add no value to the point of the thread but this is the first time I`ve seen one of these in this colour and reckon it looks the ********. Makes me want one again actually.
  5. PaulAr

    S3 advice needed

    Get some more pics up and more info on the spec. Car looks superb in Estoril but your add is really light on detail and the 2 pics are not the best. Show off the interior and shout about any options. Sold my 12plate last year for about £21k ish, same car as yours in IBIS white and it ended...
  6. PaulAr

    How "boy racer" is a non resonated, de-cat Miltek?

    I had a resonated system previous as I was worried about excessive noise. If anything it was maybe too quiet and if I was to do it again would probably go non-res. With early leggy Stage2+ S3s now dropping below the 10k mark Im tempted to get back into one actually.
  7. PaulAr

    Audi vs BMW...

    The BMW dealer I use (servicing and new car purchase) have been spot on, Stratstone in North Shields.
  8. PaulAr

    My 2015 Sepang Blue 8V S3

    Lovely. Wheels look great:thumbs up:
  9. PaulAr

    Would you have the Black Styling Pack if your car was grey (Daytona)?

    Daytona looks ace with black bits IMO. Will probably be the colour combo on my next AUDI, whatever/whenever that is.....
  10. PaulAr

    What do you hate???

    Pimped Vectras. Really ?
  11. PaulAr

    Raps3 Nogaro S3 8v (pic Heavy)

    Love it:thumbs up: Good shout on the wheel/spacer/ride height plans.
  12. PaulAr

    What do you hate???

    People at the gym who want `their` locker despite the rest of the changing rooms being empty and get changed right next to you. Fcukin weirdos. Probs Ads gym mate.
  13. PaulAr

    Do VMR wheels fit on S3 saloon?

    Look really well.
  14. PaulAr

    Soo I Test Drove An A45amg

    I test drove the A45, 8V S3 and 135i back to back as potential replacements for my 8P S3. The 135i was the best to drive, cheapest PCP, but ultimately little bit too cramped to be my daily family car. Very tempting though. The A45 was brilliant, pretty hardcore, but the PCP deal was silly as...
  15. PaulAr

    S3 who do I go with?

    I had SHARK with STS, gains equivalent to REVO I had previous but much cheaper. The STS was dead easy to use too.
  16. PaulAr

    Anyone retrofitted S-tronic?

    Top work mate:thumbsup:
  17. PaulAr

    Daytona grey with black styling pack - Photos required

    Lovely. Really like the combo:thumbsup:
  18. PaulAr

    Next Car Choice

    The 20T is a fine car no doubt, but its nowt like an S3. A Stage 1 20T will be 250bhp tops, Stage 1 S3 will be upwards of 310bhp. The suspension is different. The brakes are bigger. The internals are different so more tuneable. The residual values are stronger. It has different wheels, bodykit...
  19. PaulAr

    S3 - Take delivery or not take delivery that is the question !

    You taking it down to Chris at TDi?
  20. PaulAr

    S3 - Take delivery or not take delivery that is the question !

    Looks well Paul, really like it. Can defo see me in one of these at some point.:icon_thumright: Looks nearly as nice as Estoril blue....:whistle2: